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Posted by on in Home Birth
5' 1", Bridget, a Hypnobabies mom who is also an RN, shares her birth photo montage with us.

Her first Hypno-BABY was 11 pounds and a hospital birth. Her third baby, second Hypno-BABY is born at home and weighed 10 lbs! "BIG" babies, right? Tiny mama, right? Birth works...trust your bodies, mamas.


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Posted by on in VBAC Birth
Here is another wonderful Hypnobabies VBAC birth story! Our Hypno-Mom chose supportive birth care providers, used Hypnobabies and trusted her body, mind and baby to journey through her birth experience with confidence. How did she do it?

Violets vbac birth story

"Previous birth was a planned c-section because of a breech baby.
At 39 weeks of pregnancy, pressure waves arrived in the middle of the night about 10 minutes apart.  I thought “this is it” but after I got up and ate, they stopped.  I went to my 39 week exam a few hours later.  
I was still dilated to “almost” 2 cm and effaced 50%...no change from my 36 week exam.  At this point, I started mentally preparing...thinking it could be any day!  I continued go to work a few days but tried to work from home most of the time.  Thank goodness for my flexible job.   I listened daily to my hypnosis scripts and joyful pregnancy affirmations.  I wrote down some of my favorite affirmations to bring to the hospital on a little card.  "I will birth my baby peacefully, naturally, joyfully".  "My job is to simply relax and allow my baby's birth to happen".  "The thought of birthing my baby makes me feel powerful".  "I focus on all going right during my easy birthing time"....
Read her full birth story here
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Hello wonderful Hypnobabies Families!

We often receive fabulous birth stories from our ecstatic moms and dads who have given birth with Hypnobabies and we are proud to share them on our website and Facebook page. Now we are offering you an opportunity to share your insights and advice with others who are studying Hypnobabies in a way that will help families all over the world. You can become part of the "Hypnobabies Team"!


We are currently in the process of updating our Hypnobabies course and we are adding quotes from our Hypnobabies students to encourage and educate other Hypno-families. We would love to have quotes from Hypno-Moms and Dads, and any other family members (or even birth attendants) who were in attendance at your Hypnobabies birth(s).

We would also love to hear from Hypno-Doulas what your perspective on the subjects below are – how did they help the Hypnobabies moms that you have served?

We need a short, two to four sentence quote on how (choose, 1 or 2 or any) the information in the following Hypnobabies course subjects *helped you*, or what they *taught you* or how you *used the information during childbirth* that allowed you to have a more relaxed, confident pregnancy and/or easier, more comfortable birthing, and/or postpartum:

• Benefits to you of taking a live Hypnobabies class or doing the Home Study (whichever is applicable)
• Our Special Place/Easy Comfortable Childbirth tracks
• Practicing the Finger-drop technique
• Practicing Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis
• Practicing Eyes-Open/Directing your hypno-anesthesia
• Using your Bubble of Peace
• Pregnancy affirmations
• Importance of practicing often
• Listening to your Deepening track
• Using our specific Hypnobabies “language”, birthing wave, birthing time, guess date, etc.
• Reading scripts together, or any practice with your Birth Partner
• Birth Partner’s script/CD/track (if applicable)
• Hypnobabies nutrition, exercise, avoiding toxic substances, stages of birthing time
• Learning about your pregnancy and childbirth choices; that *you* get to make all the decisions
• Hospital staff/birth center staff/midwife attitudes and respect – how did Hypnobabies help you gain these things in your Birthing Time?
• Creating your birth preferences
• Baby Kindness
• Optimum fetal positioning
• Info/perspective on guess dates/guess months
• Info on Hypno-Doulas
• Timing birthing waves
• Hypnobabies’ childbirth education: how birthing begins, waterbirthing, membranes breaking, hospital procedures, being responsible for your own birth, vaginal exams, etc.
• Belly Mapping
• Birth Balls
• Transformation
• Mother-directed pushing
• Listening to Pushing Baby Out Track
• Cesarean Fact Sheet
• Breech information
• Birthing rehearsal
• Mom and baby care info

Please choose a few of the above that meant a lot to you; that helped you enjoy pregnancy more and have a much easier, more comfortable birth experience. Only your first name and initial of last name will be included for any quotes we use. Send your wonderful quotes to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please include the following in your subject line:

Quotes – [your name].

Please also include the following in the body of the e-mail:

Your full name
City and state/province
Type of Hypnobabies course you studied (Class or Home Study)

Hypnobabies LLC has my permission to use the following quotes in their written educational and promotional materials, and any website or Internet posts.

Thanks so much,

Kerry and the Hypnobabies Team


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     I believe our Hypno Pregnancy/Birth started long before we found out that we were growing our very own little life in my womb.  I knew about four years ago that I wanted to seek out more information about the practice of hypnosis for child birth once I read an article in a random dental office magazine about hypnosis for successful natural childbirth.

 Hypnobabies® - Natural Childbirth at its best!

Join our Hypnobabies Community and receive 10% off of all Hypnobabies products!
bigstock-Sleeping-newborn-baby-43511446 457x640
      Although I knew that I would utilize hypnosis for childbirth techniques for the then “someday,”  I had no idea where to find more information or where to start; and I really had no idea how much more wonderful the practice, education, and relaxation techniques HypnoBabies has to offer would really be. 

      Fast forward a few years, and just one month after my husband Chris and I got married, to the very beginnings of nausea, heart burn, not being able to stomach the thought of the smell of anything barbecued and all the questions that come with first time pregnancy and childbirth.

      Luckily for us, my brother and his fiancée were about five months pregnant with their beautiful baby boy and had stumbled across a link to HypnoBabies in the reference section of a psychology book. They too felt that natural childbirth fit them, so I didn't have to look far when I was ready to start educating myself about all my options, alternatives, and decisions my husband and I would be needing to make in the next thirty eight weeks.

     Also, in the back of my mind were the stories my mother, all five feet two inches of her, had shared with me about her experiences birthing her three children (including me and my little sister who weighed upwards of ten pounds) naturally, and as my pregnancy progressed, I found out that my mother-in-law also birthed all three of her children naturally. At that point I was more and more convinced that I had to seek every avenue and find every technique I could to try my best for a natural childbirth. I had no excuse why I couldn't at least try, if both of these very small but strong women in my life could do it!

     Chris and I didn't start our official Hypnobabies classes until October of 2010 with our instructor Jill Tanner (Seal Beach, Ca.) whom we can't say enough about, but again, luckily for me, I was able start my HypnoBabies education earlier than October as my brother and his fiancée had already gone through their HypnoBabies classes, and they were generous enough to lend me all their materials.

     Not to mention that I got used to watching them leave once a week in the evening with their pillows and blankets in arm, and coming back a few hours later looking completely relaxed and ready to fall asleep. It was definitely something I was looking forward to.

      When our turn came around to start our classes, I was already semi-informed on some of the major issues in pregnancy and birthing, including the importance of healthy nutrition (The Brewer Diet was my favorite nutritional recommendation guideline to follow.), getting regular exercise, and avoiding negative birthing stories and/or people who were not supportive of my decisions to keep a healthy and positive outlook on birth.

      The one person that I totally forgot to make sure was completely on board with me was the most important person to include in such a huge decision in our lives, my husband! Whoops!

      At first when I mentioned the idea of hypnosis for childbirth and the Hypnobabies classes that I'd signed us up for, Chris seemed a little leary and wanted more information on what the classes would be like. He was afraid it would be a bunch of hippie type women wearing tie-dye and chanting in circles, something similar to what we'd seen in a recent Jennifer Lopez movie, “The Backup Plan."

      It wasn't until our first meet with Jill and the other Hypno couple that we shared the class with that Chris realized what a magnificent tool hypnosis for birthing could be for us and that it was nothing like he'd imagined. He was impressed at the extreme state of relaxation we both seemed to reach with even our very first practice of guided imagery in class.

     Following suit, the days, weeks, and classes flew by. Before we knew it, we were at week 38 and the anticipation to meet our little girl was building. I remember telling myself that she was going to be difficult and hang around until week 41 or 42.

      Then on Thursday December 9th I had my 38 week appointment, and my O.B. asked if I would be okay with a cervical exam to see if there was any sign of activity, and being as anxious as I was, I agreed to one, but I did ask for no stripping of the membrane. I wanted her to stay warm and safe for as long as she wanted. I knew she'd come at her right time.

     Little did I know that she'd be coming much sooner than I had anticipated! That night I remember waking up once about every hour with pretty strong but brief pressure waves. I got very excited and exhausted!

     By the time dawn broke and the pressure waves stopped, my excitement faded, and I chalked up the nights insomnia and pressure waves to more practice. Nevertheless, I asked my husband to stay home “just in case,” and he took me on one of my daily walks with an added bonus to the local coffee shop (I stuck to some of the seasonal hot chocolate of course).

     After we returned, I decided to relax and try to catch up on some of the sleep I lost during the night but then started to notice a little bit of nausea (which I hadn't felt since the early months of pregnancy) and the need for my body to clear itself out, if you know what I mean?

      During one of my bathroom trips, I noticed what I thought could be my mucus plug, but I wasn't completely sure that's what it was so I just continued about my day. We ate dinner like normal, had a couple of chocolate chip cookies, and by 9 p.m. decided to go to bed.

     We said “good night”....

     Around 11 p.m. I was rudely awakened by a powerful pressure wave that lasted about ten minutes. At this point in my pregnancy, I'd been experiencing practice pressure waves since around 6 months, but this pressure wave was nothing like I'd ever felt before, nor had they ever lasted that long. Thankfully my Hypnobabies practice kicked in right away as I leaned over the bed and breathed the relaxation to center of my body.

      It took me by surprise, and I knew right away, for sure this time, that Holley was on her way, but I still waited to wake Chris up until the next pressure wave came about 20 minutes later. Again it lasted about 10 minutes. I calmly woke him up, told him it was time and that I was going to get in the bath while he gathered all our stuff to pack in the truck.

      He kindly played an appropriate Hypnobabies cd for me while I took my bath and got us loaded for our trip to Long Beach Memorial (where I was born), which happens to be an hour from our home in Lake Elsinore, Ca (I'd spoken to my OB a few times to make sure it was okay to plan Holley's birth so far from home, and he assured me it would be fine, and that he even had previous patients in the area).

     I finished my bath, We made a last check to make sure we weren't forgetting anything, called my mom to let her know we were on our way to her house, and left by about 1:00 a.m.  Chris already had my positive pregnancy affirmations track playing for me while he was driving since WE COULDN'T FIND MY MP3 PLAYER WITH ALL MY TRACKS ON IT!!! 

       When we left, my pressure waves were about 10 minutes apart. By the time we were 20 minutes into our ride to Long Beach, they became 5 minutes and shortly after that, 3 minutes apart. Chris was helping me time the pressure waves, and the closer they became, the faster I felt the truck move!  That's something we both laughed about later.

      We still had to stop by my mother's house to pick her up, as we asked her to be there for Holley's birth for support. I also thought for sure I'd find my Mp3 player at her house. After we got there, I lay down on the couch while everyone else frantically searched to find that precious little Mp3 player to no avail. Then we decided to try and bring a portable cd player so I could at least hear my tracks out loud, and it could provide a little extra calmness for all in the room too.

      As it turned out, we couldn't find a working portable cd player, so after about 45 minutes at my mothers, I told them that I was ready to be at the hospital as I would be more comfortable, in case I would need to push soon.

      We got to the Long Beach Memorial L&D ward around 3:00 a.m. and by the time a nurse came in to check me, I was at 5cm dilated and ready to check in to the room where I would birth our baby girl. We made sure to make the triage nurse aware of our plans to have a calm, relaxed birth so she could help set us up with a nurse that may have had experience with natural births or interested in working with us.

      By this time I was still very calm, relaxed, and almost sleeping through all my birthing waves.  Since there had been a change in plans and I didn't have my tracks/music to listen to, both my husband and mother took turns reading me scripts from the scripts booklet to help keep me focused.

      We asked for intermittent fetal monitoring, a hep lock, low voices, low lighting, and a calm relaxed environment.  Our birth hospital, nurses and staff were great and very supportive of our requests which made everything that much easier.

      Each time our first night shift nurse came in to check on us, she could hardly tell I was having a birthing wave, as I would almost sleep through them! It was all going great, greater than expected after I knew I'd be working without my wonderful tracks.

      As I got closer to a full 10cm dilated and transition, I admit that it did become challenging to stay focused, as we found out that my OB was not on call after all, and that I would be working with the resident doctor and/or another doctor.

      Also, at this point, when the birthing/pressure waves were at there strongest, my bag of waters still hadn't burst on it's own so the resident doctor came in and decided to gross out my husband and stir things up a bit more for me. I had to remember that with “every breath I inhaled, I would be deeper and deeper relaxed”!

       After the resident doctor burst my bag of waters, I still wasn't completely dilated or ready to start pushing so staying focused and going as deep inside myself as I could was the only thing on my mind.  I sort of tuned everything else out and focused on breathing in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 8. That helped me tremendously.

       Although, I requested limited to no vaginal exams during my birthing time, my L&D nurse was wonderful and very supportive and asked if I would be okay with a check to see how far dilated I was, so I agreed.  Looking back now, I wish I wouldn't have agreed and just asked to wait for me to feel ready to push because I believe that our bodies push when they're ready even if full dilation hasn't occurred at the beginning of the need to push. At least I'll know what I'd like to do differently next time around.

     Either way, as she did the final exam, she found I was at full dilation and decided to call for the head doctor who was to fill in for my OB, and he was nowhere to be found!  Then I could hear the nurses calling for the resident and he came in and looked at me. Then the head doctor finally walked in! LOL! What a fiasco! 

      I know, had I not been as equipped as I was with all the hypnosis for relaxation and breathing tools, I wouldn't have been able to stay as relaxed and calm as I was while in the process of bringing my first child into the world. 

     After all was finally settled, I pushed for about a total of 30 minutes in a semi-upright  (c-position) sitting position (that again, I now wished I would've done differently because I've had a hard time with the healing of my bruised coccyx), but at the time I was just so focused on pushing that I did forget a few details that I wanted to stick to. If I could go back, I think I would have stuck to side lying pushing or maybe squatting.

     I didn't do as much of mother directed pushing as I planned on either (which I'm disappointed about because I feel like I wasn't quite 100% ready to push yet, but since it was my first time, I didn't know exactly how to listen to my body, and I feel like pushing before I was ready, and pushing on their command slowed Holley's descent slightly), but at the end of day, it was my first time birthing, and I had my beautiful baby girl on my skin before I knew it. I couldn't even cry out loud, I was so overwhelmed with emotion. I'm glad I was in a drug free, clear state of mind to feel it all.

     We were also very persistent on reminding the doctor/nurse that we wanted to let her cord pulse for as long as needed, and then daddy cut the cord. That was something I wasn't sure he was going to be able to do! (Can you say vasovagal?)

     All in all, our family's first birthing experience together was beautiful, calm, relaxed, and transcendent to say the least. My husband and mother were both completely relaxed and supportive through all the madness as well, as they focused on reading the scripts to me. I wouldn't have done it without them.

    There are a few things, that I plan on doing differently whenever Holley's brother or sister decides to make his/her grand entrance, but I can't imagine our experience without the tools we gained from our Hypnobabies/hypnosis for childbirth classes. Birthing my baby and becoming a mother, in my opinion, truly is the greatest gift I've experienced in my life. Can't wait to do it all again! :)

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We asked our Hypnobabies Instructors if they would share why they decided to become certified Hypnobabies Instructors and here are a few of their answers:

Why I became a Hypnobabies Instructor and How Hypnobabies Has Enriched My Life: 

Why I became a Hypnobabies Instructor and How Hypnobabies Has Enriched My Life: I became a Hypnobabies teacher because Hypnobabies changed my life.  I had two very successful, comfortable, natural births with Hypnobabies and most importantly--no fear or anxiety.  I got lucky to learn about Hypnobabies through a doula training, but I know very few women who had actually heard of Hypnobabies.  I wanted to be a part of marketing and educating people about the program--whether they signed up for the class or not!

Hypnobabies has enriched my life because it has given me knowledge that our bodies are powerful.  After using it with my first birth, I put into practice using the lightswitch technique to nap quickly and easily in those times when my baby was napping but my mind was restless.  I have used the lightswitch technique for quick, daily naps for the past 5 years!  Our minds really do have such power over our bodies!  Along with using the techniques daily, Hypnobabies has connected me to my community, as I market my classes and meet the kindest, most wonderful people who share the Hypnobabies philosophy that birth doesn't have to be a scary thing.  I frequently say, I would teach this for free--as everyone, not just expectant moms, should learn the power of hypnosis, positive imagery, and proactive thinking!

amy ellis baby2 ~ Amy Ellis, HCHI, Victorville, CA

As a doula I was introduced to the positive difference Hypnobabies had in the births I was attending. The moms were informed, calm and so happy with their birth outcomes. They made natural childbirth look easy! These were all home study moms, and I knew our area needed a local instructor. My fellow doula/business partner and I decided we were going to do this for our community. We got trained and started teaching classes right away. There was all ready a demand and it has continued to grow as word gets out about the amazing program. I got to use Hypnobabies for my birth and had a very comfortable and empowering experience that has absolutely changed my life.

This makes what I am doing even more enriching as I get birth stories and thank-you's from my students. I am so happy that I get to be a part of educating and preparing couples for their baby's birthdays and changing the birth culture to view natural childbirth as a positive and normal experience. 

Dusti-Bosworth-150x150  ~ Dusti Bosworth, HCHI Omaha, Nebraska http://www.fivestonesbirth.com 

 I became a Hypnobabies instructor because I found my babies births (using Hypnobabies) to be such amazing, empowering experiences.  I wanted to help other women gain the knowledge and tools to be able to enjoy their birthing experiences as well.

Becoming a Hypnobabies Instructor has enriched my life in so many ways.  I have met and been touched by many people I would never have known otherwise--both students and other birth professionals.  I feel so privileged that families allow me to be part of something so sacred and special as their birthing experiences, and it is very gratifying to know I have helped them to have the best experience possible.  I have become a better wife and mother because of my improved understanding of the power of language.  (Telling a 2-year-old to keep his hands in his pockets rather than telling him not to touch breakable things is so much more effective!)  I could go on...

megan marshall 2012 2  ~ Megan Marshall, HCHI, HCHD Las Vegas, Nevada http://www.amotherswisdom.com

I Became a Hypnobabies Instructor Because...

I am one of those people that every company wants to find.  I love telling people about programs and things that work!  Honestly, there are only a handful of things I absolutely love and try to tell everyone about, but Hypnobabies is one of them.  It is truly the most incredible resource an expectant couple could find.   After using it with my first (and subsequent 2 other births,) I just had to do more to share it. 

Since becoming a Hypnobabies instructor, I have been so grateful for the opportunity to help people have wonderful birth experiences  change their way of thinking about birth and even themselves, and help more babies come into the world in a more peaceful and healthy way!   Also, being an instructor has been a great part time job while I raise my kids, giving me an outlet where I can learn, meet wonderful people and share what I know about birth.

Right now I am the only instructor in Chicago and we definitely need more instructors for this huge city! 

Paige-Clark-150x150  ~ Paige Clark HCHI Chicago, IL http://www.hypnobabieswithpaige.com

I became a Hypnobabies instructor because I was aware of hypnosis as a powerful tool for creating new beliefs and deep relaxation. I loved the idea of combining a life skill as powerful as hypnosis with great preparation for birth, Hypnobabies was the program that delivered all of that in one package.  

Joanne-Dahill  ~ Joanne Dahill, HCHI Durham, North Carolina http://www.journeyofmotherhood.com

I became a Hypnobabies Hypnosis instructor because I knew after the beautiful, empowering, and comfortable birth that I experienced I had to share this amazing program *in person* to expecting couples. The comprehensive up to date information paired with the best self hypnosis skills made this such an easy choice when I made the decision to teach Hypnobabies. It feels so great to watch the transformation in my couples from perhaps unsure to confident and educated about their pregnancy and upcoming birth. It delights me to be a part of this life changing journey for them. After all, I am on a journey to educate women on the power of their minds and the wisdom within their own bodies!!

April Woolard Headshot  ~ April Woollard HCHI http://www.blissfullybirthed.com  St. Louis, Missouri

I became a Hypnobabies Instructor when I saw the incredibly positive impact Hypnobabies was having for my doula clients who had chosen to use Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis for their births.  I felt very honored to be able to attend and assist at these peaceful, calm, beautiful births with confident and joyous mothers and partners.  I was so thrilled with these births that I became a certified Hypno-Doula, and then became certified as a Hypnobabies Instructor.  I am delighted to help bring confidence and joy to my students' birthing.  I love being a Hypnobabies Instructor! 

Susan Collum  ~ Susan Collum, HCHI, HCHD http://www.blossombelly.com Santa Cruz, California

 I became a Hypnobabies Instructor because my twin Hypnobabies birth was the most empowering, yet humbling experience of my life. I say humbling because, as I felt and experienced the power of birth in comfort, I was able to observe the birth in awe. I knew that a much greater power than me was helping bring my babies to my arms and my job was to sit back and relax, letting this greater intelligence work. I have never felt so loved and connected to a greater spiritual power within and around me and my babies.  The gratitude I felt in the moment I realized this has never left me. The birth was empowering in the sense that my body was strong enough to handle such great power; in fact, it was designed to do just that. I knew my body was brilliant, and, because Hypnobabies had taught me how to control my body’s reaction to birth, my mind was creating comfort for me and my babies. The birth of my sons was awe-inspiring, but there were other benefits as well. During my hypnosis practice, which is really just like guided meditation, I learned to identify my ego. Because I learned to identify it, I weakened it and gained control over it.

I still use many of the tools I learned in Hypnobabies to end attachments created by my ego that lead to unhappiness, such as needless worry and anxiety. Hypnobabies has taught me how to live a happier, more fulfilled, free life. I realize that not all moms will have an “ego-enlightening” experience, or if they do, they may not be fully aware of it. But that is not why I do it. I know that each student has some kind of self-discovery waiting for them, no matter what it is. It is whatever experience that is right for them. I love to see the students & partners begin classes unsure of the whole process and leave very confident and empowered. Knowing that I can be a small part of them having a similarly awe-inspiring birth lets me know that I am honoring that greater intelligence by passing on the blessing I received. It doesn’t feel like a job; it’s fun and fulfilling. Teaching Hypnobabies is the greatest “job” on Earth next to being a mother!

Mandy Eller  ~ Mandy Eller, HCHI, HCHD Murfreesboro, Tennessee http://www.ninemonthsandbeyond.com

I became a Hypnobabies Instructor because… 

* I am passionate about women women's rights and it's important for parents (and people in general, especially women) to have all of the knowledge they need to make choices for themselves in childbirth. Women's rights are every one's rights. We all deserve to know what exactly is being done to, or with our bodies (and our babies!).

*Being a Hypnobabies instructor, I get to make a positive difference. The way our society values the experience of childbirth reflects directly on how we value, understand and respect each other and our environment. This directly affects the quality of life of every living being on the planet.

*I am a Hypnotherapist and I believe hypnosis is good for everyone. I enjoy teaching expectant parents to use their own hypnotic skills that they will hopefully continue to practice and use with their children. Hypnosis creates peace.

How it has enriched my life to be a Hypnobabies Instructor…

*I know I am helping to change the world for the better by teaching Hypnobabies. It has allowed me to help open the eyes of others and to show them how they can experience beauty in their lives where there might have been pain, fear or violence otherwise. This feels good!

*I feel like I'm walking on air when I get that call or note from a parent who had a short, uncomplicated, beautiful pain-free birth - especially when the parents came into class with fear and skepticism.

*I know I am doing real good for the world when I can show expectant parents how empowering it is to lose the fear, gain knowledge and have the peaceful experience that they choose to have. I know that these parents are going to be raising more open-minded, peaceful children who value experiences in their lives.

Jen-Proctor-150x150  ~ Jen Procter, HCHI Portland, Oregon http://www.PortlandHypnobabies.com

I became a Hypnobabies Instructor because I know personally that Hypnobabies works! I had a really empowering, beautiful first birth using Hypnobabies, and I was previously very afraid of having an epidural-free birth.  Learning the hypnosis techniques, working with  my husband to practice our scripts and prepare in all ways for our son's birth made a tremendous difference in our marriage and my life personally.  My husband even comments that Hypnobabies increased my self-confidence and my desire to teach others how birth can be a peaceful, empowering experience.  We knew that my becoming an instructor would help me to be able to express my love of pregnancy and birth in a very effective and powerful way to expectant couples.

Being a Hypnobabies Instructor has richly blessed my life.  It's amazing to me how helping expectant couples to prepare for their babies' births gives me such personal satisfaction.  I believe that many women and their birth partners are told that they don't have choices in birth---that they have to just follow the status quo and let birth "happen to them", and that it can't be an enjoyable experience. That is just not true!  Preparing for a baby's birth is one of the most important (and wonderful) things a mother and her birth partner can do.  I feel confident as I teach Hypnobabies that I am helping these expectant couples to feel at peace, make informed decisions, and feel encouraged in their ability to have the birth they are hoping for.

Jamie-Wagner-150x150  ~ Jamie Wagner, HCHI Provo, Utah http://www.chooseapeacefulbirth.com

I became a Hypnobabies Instructor because…

…the power of a birthing woman is amazing! Hypnobabies celebrates this fact! Hypnobabies is an amazingly complete birth education course which ALL women deserve.   How it has enriched my life to be a Hypnobabies Instructor… To be invited, through Hypnobabies, to empower just one mama (and family) during her pregnancy and birth; to know that just one babe has benefitted from this empowerment; to know that I have been involved in so many pregnancy and birth experiences this way over the years. It is an honor and a privilege! My mission is to serve mamas through direct care, compassion and education! Hypnobabies fits perfectly into my mission.

Kate Cropp  ~ Kate Cropp, HCHI Nashville, Tennessee http://www.ninemonthsandbeyond.com

I became a Hypnobabies Instructor because...

Since becoming a birth doula in 2011, I knew I was also going to add "Childbirth Educator" to my credentials.  I spent months researching the options, and audited a Bradley class.  I met a Mom who had done the Hypnobabies home study.  Her birth story is incredible (and can be read here) but basically she wasn't even sure if she was in her birthing time (labor), went in for a midwife appointment, was checked and found to be 9 centimeters! She went over to the hospital and had her baby shortly after that!

Then, one night I was talking to the only Hypnobabies Instructor who was currently in our area at the time.  She told me how amazing her students' births were.  As I drove home that night, I decided that her class would be the next that I would audit on my journey to figure out what method I wanted to teach.  I felt drawn to Hypnobabies and wanted to learn more!  As it turns out, that night I got home and checked Facebook, and the 2012 instructor training had been announced that day. I quickly made the decision that I would become a Hypnobabies Instructor!

How it has enriched my life to be a Hypnobabies Instructor…

I am a birth junkie.  I'm sure I drive my family and friends crazy talking about birth all the time.  As a Hypnobabies Instructor, I get to share this passion with others.  I'm a relatively new instructor, but I've already observed my students having amazing births.  Birth is such an important experience for families.  Our culture is so afraid of birth, but as a Hypnobabies Instructor I get to teach people that birth isn't something to be feared, but in fact can be looked forward to and even enjoyed!  This is a truth I believed even before I knew about Hypnobabies, but now I get to teach couples what I believe are absolutely the best tools out there available to birthing families who want a natural birth. I am so happy and proud of all my students because they are informed, educated and empowered to have beautiful births.

Anne Ferguson  ~ Anne Ferguson, HCHI Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota http://www.bywaterbirth.com

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We ask every Monday on our Facebook page for our Hypnobabies fans to check in and let us know if anyone has given birth recently using Hypnobabies!

Baby 1 Hand Covering it From Left
This week's birth notices:

Kristall wrote: "Grace was born Feb 17 at 6:20am, 1 week after my guess date. She was 9lbs 1oz and my easiest delivery and recovery yet! My first Hypnobaby (I have 3 kids) but I will never have a baby any other way again - have been raving to everyone who will hear me about Hypnobabies and how it helped me enjoy my fast and easy birth!"

Michelle wrote: "Oliver Jacob was born at 8:54pm on Friday 2/15 after 29 hours of labor and 2.5 hours of pushing. He was born in a birth center. He was 20.5 inches and 8 lbs 10 oz. It was a vbac! :) He is just the sweetest, easy going baby. We are so blessed to have two wonderful sons. I regret not turning on my hypnotracks sooner. I had an awful sinus infection and the thought of being told to breathe when I couldn't made me angry. I used peace and relax cues though throughout early labor and the birthing day affirmations. Once I arrived at the birth center (about 24 hours in), we turned on the transition track as I got in the tub and had it on repeat for all of transition through the first hour plus of pushing. It really me relax. I'm a but of a control freak and was having a hard time letting go. This caused me to feel more than I would have liked, but still....i made it through and had my all natural vbac. I couldn't be happier."

Holly wrote: "Avalon Eve was born feb 16 at 11:20pm. We planned a home birth and had a surprise unassisted birth, as labor was super fast! This was our third hypnobaby. Due date was feb 14. I had lots lots of early labor/ prodromal contractions for the week leading up to this birth. I was playing a card game with my husband until about 10:50. Then the contractions were starting to make my back sore so I leaned on my yoga ball and had hubby rub my back. After maybe 5 minutes I had to run to the bathroom. I had hubby draw me a hot bath. Got in and waves were super intense and right on top of each other. Hubby called the midwife and our other support person to come over. With in 5 minutes I needed to push. I stood up out of the bath and moved to the toilet. Two contraction later I felt her head moving down. Husband grasped her head and one contraction later she was born My best friend arrived a minute later and the midwife about 15 minutes later. In all it was too fast to even think about hypnobaby techniques. 8lb 3 oz 19 inches long. Perfect in every way."

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Greetings, Hypnobabies Fans!

Remember! Our public Hypnobabies Instructor Training for 2013 is in St. Louis, MO, May 3-6, and we will be closing registration on March 13, 2013!

We are only accepting 50 trainees, so please visit our Instructor Training Info page

IMG 3293
Becoming a Hypnobabies Instructor

Being a Hypnobabies Instructor is extremely gratifying; as you help young families learn to trust themselves, their babies and the process of childbirth, your own journey in life opens up as well!

Whether you are a happy Hypnobabies Mom or a "birth junkie" doula, midwife or other birth professional, you can help the women of your community to enjoy childbirth, and be a part of the wonderful change in perception that natural childbirth is going through.

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis


714-894-BABY (2229)

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Preggie Pals is a weekly podcast and online resource for expecting moms and dads and those trying to become pregnant.
preggie pals

This week they featured:

Childbirth Preparation Methods: Hypnobabies

Today’s expecting mothers are much more proactive in their approach to childbirth preparation, and that’s one reason why Hypnobabies has become so popular. What exactly is Hypnobabies and how does it differ from Hypnobirthing? What does it take to become successful in using this technique? Plus, is it really possible to have a “pain-free” birth? Introducing Cassie Freisen, Hypno-Mom!

Cassie has a degree in Human Development and has always been fascinated by the various stages we pass through in life, as well as how our experiences shape us. She discovered Hypnobabies as she was preparing for her daughter’s birth and knew it was the program for her. After comparing it with the other programs out there, she found that Hypnobabies was the only one that consistently had positive reviews and a great success rate. Using Hypnobabies was one of the best decisions she’s ever made! Preparing for her ‘birthing time’ truly was relaxing, empowering and educational. But it wasn’t until her daughter was born easily and *pain-free* into this world that her entire life changed. Listen to her Podcast HERE
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At Hypnobabies, we teach a lot about the impact that our use of specific language has on pregnant, birthing and post-partum mothers. Word association, connotations and "waking suggestions" create physical effects, actually changing our chemical makeup and of course, our all-important belief systems about childbirth. 

Fotosearch 1574R-02326A 2

We found a terrific article that affirms our admonition that positive and encouraging language and messages need to be used when we are around pregnant women. Telling "war stories" about childbirth frightens and confuses expectant moms and can be harmful!

Birth is no time for war stories

'I died, but it was fine," a woman at a barbecue told me when I was nine months' pregnant. She was a stranger, her story unsolicited. As I nodded and nervously sipped a glass of water, she explained how she'd suffered from pre-eclampsia, "died" on the obstetrician's table and been brought back to life.
Hers was only one of numerous unsolicited stories that would have been enough to act as excellent birth control, had that ship not already sailed.
"I had two C-sections. I still can't sit up," a waitress announced on seeing my burgeoning belly. "You'll never be able to have decent sex again," lamented one. "Just say yes to the epidural," warned another.
Funny how our own personal experiences become The Big Truth...

Read the full article here

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Lorraine offers Hypnobabies classes,  Prepared Childbirth classes, Breastfeeding Classes, Baby Massage, Happiest Baby on the Block, Dancing for Birth, Prenatal Yoga/Fitness, Mommy and Me Yoga/Fitness/Massage, Baby Signs and parenting classes, serving all of Orange and LA Counties.  http://www.prenataleducationcenter.com/index.html

Lorraine Shorman, CD(DONA), HCHI
Los Alamitos, California 90720
Phone: (714) 624-3495
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Twitter:  @doulalorraine

Please share this link with your friends and colleagues - thank you!
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I am a very proud Hypnobabies Mom (4 yrs ago) & a doula, currently working on my HypnoDoula certification. I can't say enough good things about Hypnobabies. I tell every client I interview about how calm & peaceful my Hypnobabies birth was. You get plenty strange looks, oh well. It *CAN be easy, women just don't always believe it. I am a Hypnobabies cheerleader! 

My Hypnobabies birth was perfect & I immediately wanted other women know their births can be too. The Hypnobabies program is simply AMAZING. Now I am starting to get Hypnobabies doula clients.....YEAH! 

I just had a Hypnobabies Mom as a client, she *practiced and believed* in the program and did it show!  We arrived at the hospital at 9+ cm. 1 hour later her baby arrived), barely made a noise. (1st baby), no tear. Mom was so calm & focused she didn't even think she needed to go to the hospital.

Hypnobabies is now starting catch on in some Indianapolis hospitals. YEAH!! I sat in on one of the hospital Hypnobabies classes (as a refresher for an upcoming Hypnobabies client).  I asked the nurse why the hospitals have come on board. She said they were seeing lots of Hypnobabies traffic on the message boards. Her classes have been full for many months.  I have another Hypnobabies Mom due in 2wks.  Baby is breech. Can't wait to share that with Hypnobabies.....baby turned.

homebirth couple from debbie bostock pinterest
Beautiful Hypnobabies homebirth couple

~Blessed by Births~  Debbie Bostock  Indianapolis, IN
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Introducing our Pocatello, Idaho Hypnobabies Instructor and Hypno-Mom, Natalie Permann!

natalie permann baby
Hello! My name is Natalie. I am a wife, a mother of three, a Hypnobabies Childbirth Instructor, and a doula! I'm passionate about childbirth and hope to help women realize the power that is in them to birth more normally and naturally.

Watch Natalie's Hypnobabies birth video and read her birth story here: http://doulanataliesue.yolasite.com/my-hypnobabies-birth.php

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At Hypnobabies it is important that our wonderful expectant parents understand that "all of the choices in pregnancy, childbirth, postpatrum and your baby's care are yours to make!" The article below from Birth Takes a Village reinforces this message and underscores the importance of taking responsibility for your baby's birth. Remember: someone will, and it needs to be you!

There’s no “Have To” in Childbirth
by Jessica Austin on January 2, 2013

malloree munn family

If there is one phrase I’d like to get rid of in birth, it’s “have to”.   There are no “have tos” in birth, there are only medical recommendations and a birthing woman’s informed choice.  

There is no such thing as “My baby is breech so I have to have a hospital birth.”

There is no “I have to be induced because I’m 42 weeks”.

There is no “I have to have continuous monitoring of my baby’s heart rate because I chose to receive an epidural”.  

If you have a doctor or registered midwife, they can make recommendations, and you make an informed choice about those recommendations.  

Speak about your birth choices in a way that keeps the power with YOU:

Read the full artcile here
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Our Hypnobabies Instructor Training for 2013 is in St. Louis, MO, May 3-6, and we will be closing registration in late March 2013! We are only accepting 50 trainees, so please watch our Training FAQs Webinar now!

St Louis 2011 GROUP Border

Read our Instructor Training Newsletter, which has a coupon code in it for $10.00 off of our Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula Bundle!

Being a Hypnobabies Instructor is extremely gratifying; as you help young families learn to trust themselves, their babies and the process of childbirth, your own journey in life opens up as well!
Whether you are a happy Hypnobabies Mom or a "birth junkie" doula, midwife or other birth professional, you can help the women of your community to enjoy childbirth, and be a part of the wonderful change in perception that natural childbirth is going through.
Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis
714-894-BABY (2229)
Toll-free: (U.S. only) 877-55-HYPNO (49766)
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A recent article in the Huffington Post describes how new parents can be influenced by hospital staff to doubt their own parenting skills, right from the start. Fear of liability has created some unnecessary hospital admonitions and "rules" about newborn care which new parents actually have complete control over, just like all aspects of their pregnancies and births. Edicts, warnings and "advice" from staff and their sponsors such as formula companies can initiate confusion and undermine new parent's confidence to trust in their own intelligence about their baby's needs. Unnecessary interventions, including interference with breastfeeding and common newborn procedures can affect parent/baby bonding and baby's long-term health:

What Not to Say to a New Mother -- Hospital Staff
The other day I was visiting a family and their just-born baby in the hospital, and in the few short hours I was there, I heard a bunch of surprising comments:

•A nurse told a new dad (who was standing up, holding his 20-hour-old baby) to put the baby down in the bassinet, warning him that his son was safer in the bassinet -- otherwise Dad might drop the baby.

•A different nurse told a new mom (who was holding her 8-hour-old baby) that her daughter would be safer in the bassinet because Mom might doze off and "co-sleeping is not allowed."

These comments by two different staff members to two different families are, to me, eye-rollingly laughable -- obviously babies can be safely held by parents, both seated and standing. Obviously babies don't need to lie in a plastic bucket all the time for fear of being dropped.   Probably the first nurse meant: "If you did drop him, we'd end up with a law suit," i.e., it's potentially dangerous to us, the hospital, not: "It's actually likely you'll drop him"...

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I had been told at my appointment at 39 weeks 4 days that I would need to be induced if I didn't deliver by 41 weeks due to my blood pressure creeping up over the last few weeks.  I was concerned that an induction would lead to other interventions and possibly a c-section.  My midwives asked me to come back that Friday to check my blood pressure, but that they thought there was a really good chance I would go into labor before that appointment.  I wasn't so sure.  Everyone had been telling me the whole pregnancy they thought I would go early.  I had a feeling that either my baby would come even earlier than my last pregnancy (37 weeks 3 days) or be past my guess date.  I have no idea why I thought that, but I did.  At 36 weeks I had very regular pressure waves for most of the day and throughout the weekend, but we were able to get them to fade out by getting off my feet.  I ended up on modified bedrest after that.  At that point I figured I would go late, but everyone else thought it would be any day.  So you can imagine everyone else's surprise when the guess date (Thanksgiving 11/22/12) came and went and my baby was still not here.  I didn't mind though.  I wanted her to have all the time she needed and secretly appreciated not spending Thanksgiving in the hospital, but I would have done it for her gladly if that was what she needed.  

On 11/23/12 we went to our appointment and my blood pressure was the highest it had been all pregnancy.  I believe it was 136/90 (not crazy high, but very high for me).  They took it 3 times just to make sure it was accurate.  I burst into tears as I knew that meant we were on the clock at that point.  The nurse tried to comfort me and so did my husband.  The midwife I was seeing that day came in and told me to not worry.  She told me they would retake my blood pressure at the end of my appointment and that this didn't necessarily mean I would have to be induced at 41 weeks (she had felt differently than the midwife I saw earlier that week since I didn't have any other pre-e symptoms and my blood pressure was not off the charts).  We listened to the heartbeat which was perfect.  She asked me about the baby's movement and I realized I wasn't sure.  I had been so preoccupied with worrying about he high blood pressure that I hadn't done my kick counts.  The midwife said she would hook me up to the monitor just to see how everything was going.  They took my blood pressure again before hooking me up and guess what….it was back to normal!  I had been making my blood pressure rise with my worries!  Then within minutes of being hooked up to the monitor I started feeling pressure waves.  They were pretty strong and to my surprise started coming about every 5 minutes.  This happened for the next hour. The midwife said she would go ahead and do an an internal exam to see if the pressure waves were doing anything.  She said I was about 3-4 cm, 60% effaced and station -1.  I had made a little progress so she stretched me to a 4 and said maybe that would be enough to get the pressure waves to continue and put me into active labor.  

My pressure waves did peter out by the evening.  I talked with the baby and let her know we were in this together and that I was ready if she was.  I was really hoping she was ready because my favorite midwife was on call at the hospital, but only for another 24 hours.  We went to bed and I woke up about 3:30 am to use the bathroom.  I felt a little funny and by 3:48 am I was having pressure waves about 7 minutes apart.  They were pretty strong and felt like a combination of braxton hicks and menstrual cramps.  They felt different than with my son's labor, but they were strong enough were I felt like this could be it.  I decided to listen to a Hypnobabies track (Easy First Stage).  I was very comfortable at that point even though the pressure waves were strong.  At about 5 am my husband woke up and I told him I didn't want him going to work.  I started to feel sick and threw up in the bathroom.  I had gotten sick with my son's labor too so I figured this had to be it.  So we got up and finished packing the bags.  My husband ran out to get treats for the nurses at labor and delivery while I continued to pack.  The pressure waves were getting closer together which was making it hard to pack the bags.  I called the midwife at about 6 am and she agreed I should come in.  I told her we would be there about 7 am.  We didn't end up leaving until close to 7 am because it was taking me so long to pack with the pressure waves being so strong and so close together.  In fact we ended up not quite finishing because we realized that the pressure waves were getting closer and I couldn't talk through them and I got sick and couple more times.  I listened to Hypnobabies through headphones on the car ride to the hospital.  When we got to the hospital I was feeling a lot of pressure. 

Our midwife met us at L&D.  I had to stop a couple of times on the way back to the delivery room due to the pressure waves. Luckily Patty brought be right to a room and I didn't have to be checked at triage.  When we got into the room at 7:30 am she checked me and said I was 8 cm.  Everyone started rushing around to get the delivery cart ready.  Patty said she could either break my water or I could get into the tub, but if she broke my water I would probably be ready to push right after.  I told her I wanted to try the tub.  I wanted my water to break naturally if possible and I had been really excited to use the tub for labor.  On the way to getting to the tub I got sick again.  Not fun, but I knew that meant I was getting closer to seeing my baby.  As soon as they started lowering me into the tub I feel a pop and a lot of pressure.  My water had broke.  I started saying "I can't do this" meaning I can't be in the tub, but my midwife thought I meant I can't do a natural labor.  I clarified what had happened and that I needed to push and they quickly helped me get out of the tub.  I thought I was going to delivery the baby on the tile floor since the pressure had gotten so intense!  They helped get me to the bed and I started to push.  WIthin about 15 min my baby was born.  They  put our baby girl right up on my chest and I just couldn't believe she was here.  She was born at 8:11 am, just 40 minutes after we got to the hospital!  The nursed hadn't even fully checked me in yet!  I did have to get a shot of pitocin after she were born just because they were a little concerned with the amount of blood I lost right before delivering the placenta (all was fine though).  I also did have a 1st degree tear and needed stitches (I didn't feel the tear happen nor did I feel the stitches and it didn't bother me in the least during my recovery). 

My first hypnobabies experience was 12 hours of labor (only about 4 hours of active labor and 15 min of pushing) and this time it was only about 4 hours of labor total with 15 mins of pushing.  Not bad.  I don't really feel like I ever had any pain, just pressure.  The pressure was very intense, but it was all manageable and the relief you feel when the baby is born is amazing. I really can't say enough good things about Hypnobabies.  The relaxation during pregnancy alone is amazing, but having such an empowering birth is beyond words!

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Some of our wonderful, amazing Hypnoobabies moms have shared with us their baby's birth announcements and birth stories this week. Congratulations Hypno-Moms and welcome to all our Hypno-babies!!

Mom and Baby Faces Sleeping Together

Jennifer K. R.: Liam Nicholas, proud to be an intact male (3rd in our family), proud to be exclusively breastfed (3rd in our family), proud to be birthed naturally and a Hypnobaby (2nd for me), proud to be a lttle brother to Lily and Lucas. Liam was born in the hosptal, we would have choosen a homebirth had we lived closer to a hospital. He was 7lbs, 11oz, 20".

I loved my Hypnobabies experience, both times. I had a pain-free comfortable birth. I used my special-safe place, partner hands-on and cue words. I breathed my baby out (no pushing only "Ahhhhhh") in one contraction. My birthing time started at 10pm and he was born at 3:23am. I remained calm, confident and relaxed. I used a combination of "What If" and "fear releasing" one time with my 1st Hypnobabies birth during my birthing to kind-of "blow away" one drifting thought of an epidural. I knew that this was what I wanted. I knew I wanted to know what it felt like and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

I was so excited for both births, I never had a thought of epi during my 2nd Hypnobabies birth because I knew I had the tools I needed to "make it work for me!". You can make it work for you too! Have a beautiful birthing.

Valerie S.: Chloe Aurora was born at hospital 10 April 2012, 9 lb 5 oz, 21.25". She was a week "overdue," and my doctor decided that I needed to be induced. I arrived at the hospital at 6 AM, the Pitocin started at 10. At 3 PM I had not progressed to the staff's liking and they were pressuring me to have my bag of water broken.

When they pushed the issue again, I asked them to leave, and while discussing with my doula the repercussions of walking out and labeling the visit a "failed induction," my waters broke on their own and my birthing time began! Thanks to Hypnobabies and my mantra of "open, open, open," my beautiful baby girl was in my arms at 5:09 PM - my birthing time progressed so quickly by the time my doctor arrived, I was already nursing my happy little newborn. Chloe's birth was completely pain-free and comfortable - in fact, I was out running again when she was a mere 6 days old!

Daniella C.: Our fourth daughter and Hypnobaby, Cosima Cecilia, was born at home on 04.04.12. She weighed 6lbs, 6oz and was 20.25" (39w3d). Birthing time began at 11:30am and Coco entered the world at 2:17pm after two pushes. Much to our surprise (again!) is fair and has blue eyes (so far) like one of her sisters and is the perfect addition to our gaggle of girls.

Ashley B.: Baby Brooks born on December 6, 2012 at 2:31 am. Labor started at 10:00 pm. Brooks is my second child, the first one I did hypno-birthing. I was able to use deep breathing and my calming color to get through the contractions. I ended up getting an epidural and had Brooks 30 mins later. It was an amazing, relaxing experience and I wouldn't change a thing! Hypnonbirthing works!

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We sometimes receive the question, "Why would anyone want a natural (unmedicated) birth?"

There are many reasons for choosing to give birth without drugs; childbirth is a normal process and can be very joyful, all labor drugs have side effects which affect mothers and babies, the side effects can be far-reaching, long lasting and very detrimental, etc.

Another reason that we have found is that sometimes labor medications or procedures are found to be dangerous long after use, and in ways that were never anticipated:

The recent drug recall linked to Meningitis has now been expanded to epidurals
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santa mom 2

That's right!

The perfect holiday gift is here at Hypnobabies.

What could be better than an easier, more comfortable pregnancy and birth for Christmas or Chanukah?
Tell your friends, relatives and colleagues that Hypnobabies Gift Certificates are here!


giftcert graphic

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Malloree, using Hypnobabies, deeply focused during a "birthing wave", very comfortable. She is aware of everything going on around her; as much as she wants to be.

Will I be awake and aware during my labor using Hypnobabies?

Q) I'm wondering what being in hypnosis will be like when I'm giving birth. My midwife also says she is concerned that I won't be fully present and able to feel or know what's going on; that I'll be like a zombie or something. I understand that relaxation is deep but how much do you know of what's going on around you? I would like to really experience childbirth, just without the pain!

A) Then you've come to the right place! No zombies allowed. You are as aware as you want to be while in hypnosis. The hypnosis experience is different for each person using it, but it is simply focused concentration, like when you're deeply engrossed in a book or driving your car and thinking about something else at the same time. Both are states of hypnosis and you can see, hear and feel everything that you *want to* while doing them.

Malloree, still deeply in hypnosis after her wave is over

Here are some other perspectives about childbirth hypnosis awareness from Hypno-moms who have been there...

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