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Kerry Tuschhoff

Kerry Tuschhoff

Kerry Tuschhoff has not set their biography yet

Victor Emilio (“Vito”), our 5th child, arrived at 3:58 am on May 31.  Interestingly enough, when I would visualize my birthing time while listening to the Affirmations track, I always saw myself as birthing at 4 am.  The power of the mind is amazing!

My pregnancy, despite my age (41) went very well.  I was active and working throughout.  I exercised 5 days a week, doing spinning, dance and Pilates classes up to a couple of days before birth day.  My husband and I have 4 other children, ages 22 to 13, so my last birthing prior to this was almost 14 years ago. 

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After a long and tedious pregnancy, where I was on some form of bed rest for half of it, we have a beautiful baby boy born on Monday, March 31! I’d been having Braxton Hicks for most of the pregnancy. I started my home study course sometime around week 25, and had been in maintenance for about 2 weeks. I practiced finger drops every day, and recently started really focusing on center after reading what some of you ladies experienced. My husband did the relax script a few times, and I was very clear with him that I needed him to help me with that during our birthing time. 

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Last Wednesday the 26th of March, I woke up in the morning thinking that I had just had the worst night of sleep of my life! Nothing exciting happened, just couldn’t get any good sleep for the life of me. I had been in to see the nurse practitioner the day before for my 38 week, really 37 week 5 day appointment and everything seemed good. She gave me “a prescription” to eat ice cream every day because my weight gain was on the lower end of the spectrum, 22 pounds and I am average weight to begin with. She didn’t do an internal because I told her it didn’t really give us an indication of anything, she agreed but made a comment that most women like to know where they are at. I said not me, this baby will decide when it is done baking!

Back to Wednesday, about 8:15 am I was playing with my 22 month old son on his climber toy with slide wearing my bath robe, when I bent over to catch him come down the slide and “gush” my water broke and a puddle was forming at my feet. Funny side note, we are in the midst of potty training and my son has accidents on the floor here and there. When my water broke, he looked at me, looked down at the floor and looked back at me and said, “Mommy peeing! 

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What an awesome birth – yes, thanks to Hypnobabies! I have had 4 other natural childbirth experiences and I have to say that this one was THE BEST!

I had been having some issues with my blood pressure going up. I went to my appointment with my midwife on Tuesday April 8 at 9:30 a.m. and my blood pressure was 156/94 – still creeping up. My guess date was Thursday April 10, and I was really trying to avoid an induction. We discussed our options and decided to strip my membranes (something I was also wanting to avoid) and decided that we would talk about inducing on Monday morning if I hadn’t had the baby by then. Note that we didn’t actually schedule the induction, my midwife was really trying to help me have the birth I wanted! I agreed to go on bed rest as well until Monday to see if that would bring my BP back down.
After my membranes were stripped, I had a lot of pressure which didn’t really bother me too much. DH and I stopped at a couple of stores on the way home, and I walked around without too much trouble at all. When we got home around noon, I soaked in a nice warm bath and relaxed and deepened my state of hypnosis with the Deepening CD. 

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Mom was getting induced for pre-eclampsia. Things went well and Hypnobabies helped her stay calm and comfortable. At some point her blood pressure really shot up and they decided to do a cesarean.  Hypnobabies really helped her stay calm during the surgery and helped with recovery afterwards. 

I went in on the 15th of March to be induced. Something I fought SO HARD not to happen. I was so upset, but my blood pressure sky rocketed and it was the right thing to do. I am glad I didn’t do it sooner when they wanted me too just b/c she was big. Instead of pitocin I opted for a cervical ripening balloon.

I was a bit upset going in b/c my DH had to go into the ER b/c he got food poisoning the night before. So I spent my first 4 hours by myself praying he’d make it before our DD did!

The insertion of the balloon was a bit uncomfortable but I used my hypnobabies and it made it so much easier. Once in place and blown up, I began to have pressure waves immediately … only I didn’t even know it b/c I was so far in hypnosis. The hospital honored all my wishes on my birth plan so I only realized about a half hour later when they hooked me up to the monitor. The nurse was shocked to see how strong they were. I didn’t like laying down (it just didn’t feel right) so I spent most of my labor in center switch, walking or on my birth ball (if you don’t have one I recommend getting one). I did go into off while on the birth ball by laying my head on the bed. 

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First I want to say I started the Hypnobabies homestudy late (about 34 weeks) and that I had a really hard time not falling asleep in them. Toward the end I would fall asleep to them at night and then listen to them again in the morning before I got out of bed. I tried to practice my on/off and center switch but wasn’t very good at it. After going and going all week, I finally told DH that I didn’t have anything planned for the rest of the time I was pregnant. “Good, let’s keep it that way” is how he responds. He doesn’t like being overscheduled. So Friday night we finally had a relaxing night. We watched a movie. I kept putting DH hand on my belly so he could feel how the baby was pushing or exercising. We joked that it liked to be up at night when I wanted to be sleeping. So we went to bed at 11 ish I think. If this was part of my birthing time, I was pretty clueless. I didn’t think anything of it. 

I woke up at 1:50 am because I thought I peed my pants. But I had to pee a lot more. And more. DH asked what was up and I said I thought my water broke. He said “just go back to bed.” So I tried. But I couldn’t. I didn’t want to just lay there and think about it. So I went to the computer and worked on it. I put on my birthing day affirmations CD to help me be in a positive mindset. I used a computer website (thanks to whoever put that great resource up!) to time my pressure waves. They were about 5 minutes apart and 45 second long from the time I started timing them. I decided that maybe I should try to relax during the pressure waves. So I would breathe and use a “peace” cue. I was kind of disappointed because they were starting to hurt a little. But I felt like I could relax a little better doing the peace cue. So I did that until maybe 4:30 am and I thought it was time I focused and lay down to relax better and listen to my easy first stage birthing CD. 

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I used hypnosis while having Bryson. He was my 3rd baby and 2nd VBAC. I wanted a natural childbirth, but was nervous about the pain. I used Hypnobabies www.hypnobabies.com and had a completely un-medicated AND comfortable birth. It was so empowering.

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Inspiring video of moms who have given birth naturally to multiples! Several were Hypnobabies moms.

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"A home birth using Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis. It's hard to convey to people the fact that birth does NOT have to be something to fear, and CAN be enjoyable! It's hard to just tell people how enjoyable birth can be, but now I can finally show people and share with them my personal enjoyable birth!" ~ Willem's mama, Michael

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My son Willem's home birth using Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis. It's hard to convey to people the fact that birth does NOT have to be something to fear, and CAN be enjoyable! It's hard to just tell people how enjoyable birth can be, but now I can finally show people and share with them my personal enjoyable birth!

Originally posted June 27, 2008

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Elsa’s Birth Bullet Points:

-Hospital birth with MW
-First baby, did not find out sex before birth
-5’8″ 120 lbs. pre-pregnancy, gained 35 pounds
-Used BabyPlus machine starting at 18 weeks, less regimented towards end of pregnancy
-Faithfully practiced Hypnobabies home study course daily from week 25 to birth
-GBS + (had saline lock and was given 2 rounds of antibiotics)
-Baby arrived at 38 1/2 weeks
-From 5 cm to Baby’s birth: 5 1/2 hours
-Had chiropractic treatment (massage and adjustment) for sciatica every other week from
weeks 24-32
-Did acupuncture treatment starting at 30 weeks (2 treatments total)
-Success thanks to Hypnobabies resulted in drug-free, discomfort free, GLORIOUS birth! 

Pre-Birth Sensations
I awoke the morning of April 30 at around 1:30 a.m. with menstrual-type cramps that continued throughout the night at the rate of roughly four per hour. My DH and mom headed off to yoga around 9 a.m. later that morning, and I emailed the Hypnobabies groups my “real thing” question, as I really didn’t have any idea how long these would or could go on.The cramps were lasting from :45 to 1:50 and seemed pretty consistent, coming about every ten minutes. They were fairly strong and a good chance to practice my “off” switch and other Hypno-tools.We had a standing appointment with our MW at 1:45 but I put a call in anyway to let them know what was happening. 

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Last Saturday, February 16th, 2008, I had my 40 Week 3 Day appointment. My midwife did an internal and said I was the same as last week (3cm Dilated). Boy was I disappointed. She offered to sweep my membranes again, (Which we had done for past 3 weeks) and of course since I was tired of pregnancy and felt it as time I said yes. She did the sweep and as we were sitting on her couch visiting I started to get waves.

She had just delivered another baby at 8 am and had been up all night so she was going home to sleep for a couple of hours. When we left the appointment it was about 2 o’clock. A quick note, I had decided to homebirth about 32 weeks along in this pregnancy. I loved my obgyn but she was going to be out of town on  my due date week. She had suggested being induced a week early so she could support me in my effort for a natural childbirth. But my  whole reason for going for natural and not an epidural this time had been to see/trust my body to work on its own this time so being induced did not sound reasonable at all to me. 

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I lost my mucous plug on Saturday (December. 1st…my due date was the 5th) and had some waves that night, but they stopped around three in the morning. The next day we walked around the mall and about a million other places but the waves weren’t coming back. Finally I decided to go to be around seven at night and they started up again. I took a bath around nine, watched a movie, and got my birthing pool ready. Around three in the morning on Monday, December 3rd, I decided to call my midwife. I was already at 6cm with a ripened cervix and fully effaced. Two hours later I was at 10 cm.

Up to this point, I hadn’t felt any pain whatsoever.

That’s when things got a little rough…my midwife’s partner decided to check me to see what was going on because I still didn’t feel the need to push. I felt INCREDIBLY uncomfortable having her up there and told her to get her hand away from me and she wouldn’t!! Anyway, after what seemed like forever, she finally listened to me (thanks to my wonderful midwife and friend, Rachel Talley). Anyway, I felt so uncomfortable that I think I consciously decided to wait a little longer before having my baby…I didn’t feel ready for it anymore, and it took me quite a while to get over that feeling. 

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Thurs 3/6 @ 9:15PM notice first pressure waves 10 mins apart, got to
bed around 11:30PM
Friday 3/7 @ 7:20AM, can't sleep through it anymore.
At 8:49AM I called the midwife to give heads up.
At 11:38AM I called again with no change.
By 1:13PM we decided this was it.
Donna arrived by 5PM, first vaginal check was 5-6cm.
Around 7:45PM second vaginal check was 8-9.75cm
Waters broke on the toilet before 8PM.
Baby born at 8:12PM.

The birth of my daughter began almost unexpectedly. I had just gone to my 38-week prenatal appointment, a few days late actually, and I wasn't expecting to begin my birthing time until closer to 39 or 40 weeks – I was still measuring 3cm. We had just switched care to a homebirth midwife, Donna Galati, CNM and we were still planning to travel to Louisville, KY to pick up my mom (hopefully) before everything started. 

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I’ve been studying Hypnobabies since 20 weeks (I’m 37 weeks now) and finally had a chance to try out my mad hypnosis skillz today. I have a complete phobia of needles, like paralyzing, fainting bad. My midwife wanted to do a blood draw last week and I said no, let’s wait a week and I’ll come prepped for it.

This morning I did a Hypnobabies "Fear Release" hypnosis session but was still feeling nervous. So I get there today, go and lay down before the appointment and listen to one of my scripts on iPod. I told DH to have them draw the blood as quickly as they could without disturbing me while I was in hypnosis and relaxed. So I’m laying there and I feel her put on the band and wipe with alcohol and then a tickle on my arm like she brushed it with her finger. All of a sudden the band is off and I’m like *what the heck, she missed the vein!!!*. 

So I open my eyes and she says “All done, you did great!”. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!! 

Click "Continue Reading" to see more ----->

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Twins and Triplets can be born vaginally and naturally, and we have found two wonderful videos showing exactly how!

Moms carrying multiples: You can have a vaginal birth! You can have an un-medicated birth as well!

Natural Births of Multiples #1

Natural Births of Multiples # 2

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Well, he is here now and we are glad! Although things didn't go as planned, I am so pleased with how things turned out! NOTE: This is long, you have been warned! Ha!

To start, he came early, about 3 weeks early. That's a first with me. My babies don't come early. To refresh you. We have 6 kids, Max is our 7th. First baby was a hospital birth (not a good experience) and the other 5 were all homebirths with wonderful experiences. I usually go right up to 40 weeks, so I was surprised. 

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My beautiful Jacob was born at 6:48 pm last Friday. Talk about a crazy day and an amazing birth. Remember the parts about having a “fast” birth in the scripts? My first hint birthing might be starting was around 1 pm. I was at the hospital dilated to a 3-4 cm at 4:40 pm. I had a bulging bag of waters and dilated to a 7-8 cm at 6:20 pm. My waters broke at 6:23 pm, and he was born at 6:48 pm.
He was born posterior, despite two weeks of spinningbabies efforts and even two visits to the chiropractor. But, I have to say the belly lift SAVED me!! I spent the two hours in the hospital with my earphones on and switch in center. I walked around the room, pausing every minute to lift my belly during a surge. The lift took 2 – 4 notches off of the intensity of my surges and made it possible for me to stay completely in control up to the very end. When I tried any other position, the surges jumped in intensity and I had more difficulty staying relaxed.The belly lift definitely took some of the pressure off the back of my pelvis, and if the speed of his birth is any indication, it helped his head engage my cervix better and kept my birth progressing quickly. 
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For moms with nausea, here is a testimonial from a mom on the Hypnobabies Moms Forum. 

I did buy this early in my pregnancy and it worked GREAT. I still have the skills…and I’ve had my baby already. I’d definitely use it again! It worked well after listening only once or twice. I continued to listen every few days when nausea was the strongest, then just tapered off and used the skills it taught.

Awesome! The success I had with it was part of what strengthened my confidence in the Hypnobabies program.


Originally posted on May 31, 2008

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I was rather skeptical at first that I could really change my view of natural and normal childbirth, but I figured, what I have I got to lose? I ordered my Hypnobabies around 30 weeks and was able to start before 31 weeks. I really took every word of the Hypnosis suggestions to heart that this will work for me and my baby just how it is meant to. I dismissed every thought of negativity from my mind, ignored my husband’s reservations of the program, and blew off any pesimism (sp?) from anyone else. 

I really got into my Affirmations and focused on listening and relaxing through my scripts. I made sure that I didn’t focus on *whether or not this was working* just told myself it was! 

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