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Second Baby Question

My 1st pregnancy was great. It was an easy birth & the hypnosis worked well. This time around... I have been positive that HB will help me again so I didn't start until 30 weeks. Now I am 32 weeks, I don't feel the hypnosis working the same as the first. I've been reading the chapters in the home study again & doing the weekly assignments. During my first pregnancy, I fell asleep 99% of the time except during my "birthing time". This time... i feel different. I can get through most of the scripts and remember them. I don't ever fall asleep and I don't feel the "refreshing" feeling after I listen to the scripts. I just mostly forget what happens at the end of the scripts. IDK if I'm relaxed enough to get into the hypnosis state. Now I also have a toddler running around. I try to do it during his naps but there seems to always been some kinda of distraction. IDK if this is the reason why I feel the way I do. Any thoughts?
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Wednesday, May 01 2013, 12:14 AM · Hide · #1
    Congrats on this pregnancy! Rest assured that your subconscious mind IS receiving the messages that it needs if you are doing the practice. It sounds to me like having a toddler running around and other distractions while trying to practice could definitely be a reason why your conscious mind seems to be paying more attention this time around (rather than checking out, or as you've described it - falling asleep).

    It is great that you are re-reading the entire workbook and going through *all* the exercises and reviewing the entire program - this is the way to another successful Hypnobabies birth!

    If you find that it is becoming a concern, perhaps a fear clearing around this issue will make you feel better? Another option is to listen to your tracks after your little one has gone to bed or once your partner is home (I've known moms even take their mp3 players out to the car in the driveway, recline the seat and do their session that way to ensure privacy for the 20-30 mins). It is only your second week into the program so I'm sure you'll experiment with different options & find a way to carve out the time for yourself and this new baby. Please feel free to share what works for you!
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  • Replied by May Bo on Monday, May 20 2013, 06:55 AM · Hide · #2
    Ok another question.... I've been practicing for the last two weeks!

    I have no idea why I snap out of the hypnosis state about 6 minutes before any track ends. It doesn't matter what track I'm listening to but about 6 minutes before it's over I open my eyes like I'm startled or something but there's nothing to distract or bother me! Do you know wy this is happening?
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Tuesday, May 21 2013, 10:54 AM · Hide · #3
    Great to hear that your practice is going well!

    Personally, I've never had this come up with my own Hypnobabies students although one thing that comes to mind is whether or not you may be doing the same thing some of us do when we wake up just before our alarm goes off? Perhaps you could be (subconsciously) anticipating the end of the session and being aware of your toddler and other things going on could be prompting you to ensure you come out of hypnosis on time (now that you are allowing yourself to go deeper) - ?

    Does this resonate with you or do you have any thoughts/feelings as to why this is happening?

    If it is distracting for you, perhaps you could make your own affirmation like "I give myself the full time for this session" or "I trust that I will be counted up fully at the end of this relaxing session" or ... anything that may seem to resonate with you!

  • Replied by May Bo on Wednesday, May 22 2013, 04:29 AM · Hide · #4
    I finally at the fear clearing session so I think I'm going to add this to my list...

    Yesterday I did the same thing... snapped out of it but then the track was accidentally on repeat and I went back into hypnosis before the track ended but slept through most of the track when it repeated.

    IDK what is going on... your theory might be right but I'm sure it'll all work out when I'm in my birthing time!
    Replied by Anne Ferguson on Friday, May 24 2013, 10:26 PM · Hide · #5
    I would just add what we tell all mothers... to trust that the program IS working. Any time spent analyzing the experience is not going to be beneficial. If you are doing the practice it is going to work beautifully for you. And this is your second baby so your body absolutely knows what to do! Best wishes for you and love those second births!
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