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falling asleep and light switch support

I have been really good about practicing and listening to the hypnosis session tracks everyday but no matter what time of day I do them I fall asleep. I mean I am out cold and wake up shortly after the track is over with drool on my pillow. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I recently have tried to practice in a position I would be during my birthing day but I still fall asleep.... Is this a problem or a good sign that I am so relaxed that I fall asleep about 98% of the time.

Second I am having trouble making sure I practice my light switch... It is so much to do on top of perennial massage, kegals , skinbrushing, daily hypnosis practice, script with birth partner practice, reading and what ever else baby related I need to do daily. I really believe you get out of it what you put into it and feel it is super important to do I just do 't make the time to do it any tips, advice or encouraging words to help me with this?
  • Replied by Jenn King Lasek on Wednesday, January 23 2013, 12:14 AM · Hide · #1
    Hi Anna
    "...no matter what time of day I do them I fall asleep. I mean I am out cold and wake up shortly after the track is over with drool on my pillow."
    This is actually a really great sign confirming your depth of hypnosis! In such a deep state, your conscious mind is so comfortable with what is going on that it decides that it doesn't really need to pay attention and may wander off for a bit (this is what makes us think we fall asleep, especially if there are little 'dreams'). The fact is that your subconscious mind is coming fully to the forefront and is completely open to accept all of the suggestions! In my own Hypnobabies classes, whenever someone mentions this happening to me, my first question is whether or not they are coming out at the end of the session - if the answer is yes (it almost always is) then it wasn't sleep at all. Even if a mom wakes up, say, the next morning (meaning she did actually fall asleep), it is important to know that her mind is still always receiving the suggestions.

    What some moms do in order to familiarize themselves with the actual track, is to listen to it 'out' of hypnosis (well, actually in just a much lighter state). Because you will still go into a light state of hypnosis, this is only recommended when you are in a situation where this would be safe like puttering around your home - never while driving or doing anything that requires your full attention.

    Another mom recently posted that she found it helpful to practice switching her lightswich from Center to Off throughout the Deepening CD - this kept her a bit more 'conscious' and allowed her to be more (consciously) aware of the suggestions.

    "Second I am having trouble making sure I practice my light switch...it is super important to do I just do 't make the time to do it any tips, advice or encouraging words to help me with this?"
    Make it a habit. What I recommend to my own students, especially when we have busy days & lives, is to get your finger drop practices in either right before you go to sleep at night (you can do them back-to-back) or before you get out of bed in the morning. Many of my students report sleeping better. Another way to get your practices in is to use your Center switch to go to the bathroom when you wake up in the night to pee. My students have LOVED this one! It may take a few times to get into the habit but it is a great way to wake up having already gotten in all of your finger drop practices for the day! :)
    1 vote by Anna Kincaid
  • Replied by Anna Kincaid on Wednesday, January 23 2013, 05:01 PM · Hide · #2
    Thanks Jenn! that is super helpful info and reassuring. Yesterday I decided I would do a light switch practice while laying in bed before I get up or go to sleep and so I will definitely get them in that way. :-)
  • Replied by Rose-Stella Ahmed on Wednesday, February 27 2013, 05:55 PM · Hide · #3
    LOL This always happens to me too! I will try the recommendations :)
  • Replied by Katie on Sunday, March 17 2013, 04:52 AM · Hide · #4
    I am so glad you asked this question, Anna, because I registered today with the forum to ask the exact same thing! Within five minutes of putting on the track, I "fall asleep", usually to wake up as soon as it ends or as it is ending. And I notice that my arms and legs feel *so* heavy when I come back up. I often remember very little of what is said! I did find that I was able to stay more alert and focused if I listened while performing some menial task (i.e sweeping the floor, cleaning up my son's 14,000 puzzle pieces scattered on the floor at the end of the day, or painting the nursery), but I didn't "feel" any hypnosis. So, it's good to know that I'm not just snoozing through every session. Need to practice finger-drop more regularly, too!
    Replied by Tanya Wright on Wednesday, January 21 2015, 03:52 AM · Hide · #5
    Great questions Anna.

    Jenn, further to your great response on getting the Finger Drop /Eyes Own practice in. It's something I've been struggling with too. How do I switch to the Centre position when I wake at night to go to the bathroom? If I've been asleep then I'm not hypnotised so switch would not be in the Off position when i wake up. Or am i not understanding something?
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