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At Hypnobabies it is important that our wonderful expectant parents understand that "all of the choices in pregnancy, childbirth, postpatrum and your baby's care are yours to make!" The article below from Birth Takes a Village reinforces this message and underscores the importance of taking responsibility for your baby's birth. Remember: someone will, and it needs to be you!

There’s no “Have To” in Childbirth
by Jessica Austin on January 2, 2013

malloree munn family

If there is one phrase I’d like to get rid of in birth, it’s “have to”.   There are no “have tos” in birth, there are only medical recommendations and a birthing woman’s informed choice.  

There is no such thing as “My baby is breech so I have to have a hospital birth.”

There is no “I have to be induced because I’m 42 weeks”.

There is no “I have to have continuous monitoring of my baby’s heart rate because I chose to receive an epidural”.  

If you have a doctor or registered midwife, they can make recommendations, and you make an informed choice about those recommendations.  

Speak about your birth choices in a way that keeps the power with YOU:

Read the full artcile here
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There is nothing better than finding a wonderful review about Hypnobabies on a Mom's Blog!

At first, Aubrey thought:

I read a lot about Bradley and Brio, looked into Lamaze and honestly didn't give Hypnobabies a fighting chance at first. Why? Well, I thought it was super weird! I obviously didn't know anything about the method and had some serious misconceptions about hypnosis. For me, the word "hypnosis" was synonymous with someone clucking like a chicken on a stage or something like that...

Then she asked other moms for their input, changed her mind, used Hypnobabies and...

So, my review is 5 stars!!! Seriously, Hypnobabies is wonderful and made my pregnancy so much more enjoyable. I was able to take some time every single day to relax and I felt so much more prepared for this birth. During labor Hypnobabies helped me remain calm and focused. I had a very speedy, relatively easy birth that was almost exactly how I had envisioned it.


Go over to Aubrey's Blog to read the whole review! Her birth story is there too!

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We loved this blog post by Kathy Valeii about newborn procedures.
One of the more infuriating aspects of Woman as Patient are the events that tend to unfold  during and immediately following the birth.  Just as during labor, the power dynamic is established early on, so too, is the establishment of “possession” of and entitlement to the newborn immediately following the birth.

I’ve explored in some detail in a prior post the power struggle that takes place during the birth.  Here, I’ll focus on the events immediately following the birth, and how they serve to maintain woman as patient, thereby diminishing her confidence in her own intuition as a mother.

Read the Full Article Here
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size: 12pt;">A wonderful demonstration on why it is ideal to let the cord stop pulsing on its own!

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Baby Friendly Hospital Policies make for an easier transition for baby. Even if your hospital isn't baby friendly you can choose to do the positive things suggested in this video!

Baby right on Mom
Dry with a soft blanket
Skin to Skin for an hour before nurses do anything else
Baby can self latch.
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Today’s expectant mothers are very proactive in their approach to childbirth preparation. They are well-educated, techno-savvy and do a lot of research to help themselves make informed decision for their baby’s birth. This is one of the reasons that Hypnobabies Classes have become so popular with pregnant couples, allowing them to learn in detail how their pregnancy and birthing choices will affect their baby’s health, their own birthing experience, and the association of the mother *with* the baby for the rest of their lives.

bigstock Pregnant woman using laptop 12062225-small
Expectant mothers today understand fully that they need to take responsibility for their baby’s birth, and that failure to do results in someone else taking over who may have a completely different agenda than they do. Pregnant couples are no longer willing to give up their own control over decisions made in pregnancy, childbirth and their new baby’s care, and Hypnobabies helps them to learn, practice and use not only the best hypno-childbirth skills available, but also to create their birth of their dreams, without unnecessary interference.

Do you have a beautiful vision of what you want your baby’s birth to be?...

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Hospital, Home, or Birth Center? Midwife or Doctor?
by Cordelia S. Hanna, BA, CCE, CB  http://www.socalbirth.com/

You have choices on where and how to give birth!

1) Hospital Birth…With Obstetricians

If you wish to have a hospital birth, your chances of having a natural, uncomplicated birth are optimized by carefully selecting your obstetrician and hospital, and by hiring a “Doula” –a Professional Labor Companion. Many doctors are used to working with women who hire Professional Labor Companions, and doctors who work with midwives have lower cesarean section rates.

Delivering babies by abdominal surgery has been steadily rising in America over the past two decades, so that now 25% of births in hospitals are performed by cesarean section. When comparing the U.S. C-section rate to other western, industrialized countries, one finds that those countries which employ midwives for the majority of births have significantly lower rates than ours; and also have lower infant mortality rates. The U.S., despite having the most advanced technology and highly trained medical personnel, ranks 29th in Infant Mortality. That means 28 other countries–most of which have integrated midwives into their maternity care system–lose less babies in the first year of life.

Epidural anesthesia, Pitocin augmentation of labor, vacuum extraction of fetus, episiotomy and separation of newborn and mother are standard in American hospitals. Undoubtedly, there are circumstances where medical procedures such as these are necessary, but many parents and professionals now question the routine use of such interventions such as episiotomy, continuous electronic fetal monitoring, IVs, etc. In many cases, the routine intervention of these procedures leads to iatrogenic (physician-caused) complications...

Read the Full Article on Hospital Birth Here
Read about Doulas and Monitrices Here
Read about Freestanding Birth Centers and Homebirth Here
Frequently Asked Questions about Midwifery and Homebirth

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Do you want to feel safe and secure when you give birth?  
All women have this need, and for some that will be in a hospital with all that technology can provide.
  Natalie Permann Birth Ball hubby doula cropped
Others will only feel safe enough to enjoy their birthing in the calmness of home or in a birth center, with other women supporting them; where their personal choices are easily honored. No matter where you will feel the safest, your birth experience belongs to you and yes, you deserve to have the opportunity to make the decisions that will create your beautiful birthing; easy, joyful and empowering.

Can childbirth be empowering; strengthening beyond words?

Childbirth can be the most profound, empowering experience a woman can have…if she allows herself to believe fully in her body, her mind and her baby. If she takes the time to empower herself with knowledge and a full education of what real childbirth is, the choices that she alone gets to make concerning her own health care, and how to create the birth of her dreams. At Hypnobabies, we are dedicated to educating everyone, no matter what childbirth method they choose. All women deserve to have the easiest, healthiest and safest birthing experience possible, and this can only happen if we take some personal responsibility for learning the facts about childbirth as it is today.
Did you Know…?

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The Empowerment of Birth

by Jan Verhaeghe, New Dawn Midwifery

The image of a woman reaching down to bring her baby onto her breast at the moment of birth is a powerful one. She birthed her baby, and every cell in her body knows and shows her strength. At the end of hours of phsyical power and emotions felt more intensely than at any other time in life, she is exultant. To know the exhilaration, euphoria, and power that comes with the exhaustion and pain of giving birth is truly empowering. After giving birth, a woman knows she can do anything, accomplish any goal. Even women who need interventions for the safety of themselves or their babies are given the gift of empowerment, for they know they did the best they could.
Tanya Hauer baby smiling SMALLER
Birth has long been thought of as the ultimate rite of passage. Cultures close to nature have devised methods of initiation, testing young men to show that they are adults, ready to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. Women have not needed such tests, for they have birth. A woman may have doubts about her body: are her breasts too small, or too large; her hips too narrow or too broad? Even in these days of women’s liberation, it is not unusual for a woman to have questions about the “rightness” of her body. However, “after giving birth, a woman knows her body works beautifully.

Another facet of the empowerment of birth is the complete bonding that happens when the baby is brought immediately on to the mother’s breast and allowed to stay there until the mother is ready...
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Be proactive!

Doris Haire, the president of the American Foundation for Maternal and Child Health explains in her article below how all expectant parents can easily take responsibity for the decisions made in their pregnancy, birth and baby's care: 

  • Common practice patterns employed in the obstetric care
  • Questions to ask your caregiver at your first visit
  •  The benefits of taking along a support person to prenatal visits
  • How to communicate your needs to your caregiver
  • How and why to prepare a birthing plan
  • Why the hospital consent form is so important to your baby’s birth
  • Talking to residents and nurses while you’re in labor
  • How and why to get your obstetrical records

A good childbirth experience should be happy and gratifying, as well as safe. You are much more likely to have a good experience if you establish early a good communication with your physician or midwife. Sometimes it is the expectant parents who must take the lead in establishing a rapport, but don't let that hold you back. It's your childbirth experience. It's up to you to let the doctor or midwife know what you want. If he or she is not in agreement with your wishes...


More information on improving childbirth, obstetrical drugs, ultrasound and evidence based medicine can be found at the American Foundation for Maternal and Child Health website:

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From the wonderful www.SpinningBabies.com website:

Belly Mapping teaches a pregnant woman to tell her baby's position for herself  - during the last month or two of pregnancy.  Too often, the posterior (sunny-side up) baby isn't identified until labor is troubled. Mothers ask, sometimes after a cesarean was done for a long, OP (baby in th eposterior position) labor, “Why didn't anybody know? Can't the nurse or doctor tell when doing an exam?”  Trying to feel fetal head position with an internal exam can be challenging.  Fortunately, other clues exist. Click here to go to the entire Baby Positions section for details on fetal positions.

Belly Mapping is a three-step process for identifying baby’s position in the final months of pregnancy. Parents can use Belly Mapping for their own enjoyment. Medical care givers can enhance their skills by using the visual clues of Belly Mapping. Doulas will be able to suggest strategies for fetal repositioning when a posterior lie is suspected.

Read the Step-by-Step process here, and you can also order their very detailed Belly Mapping Workbook:

BellyMapping Pic

Visit Belly Mapping on Facebook and tell us your experience with this activity!!

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Information has come to light recently that new moms, birth partners and their babies are being coerced, or even threatened into compliance with certain state medical board mandates by members of their local medical community. We've heard of stories where new parents are 'challenged' by medical authorities when voicing their preferences for their own treatment during childbirth, or their baby's treatment (or lack of treatment) during the immediate postpartum period. This is distressing to many of us who are entrusted with women's education about such matters.

rights childbearing womenlg
Please learn about your rights by reading the "Rights of Childbearing Women" brochure from Childbirth Connection. It outlines a set of basic maternity rights that Childbirth Connection has identified and promotes for all childbearing women. It applies widely accepted human rights to the specific situation of maternity care. Although most of these rights are granted to women in the United States by law, many women do not have knowledge of their maternity rights. Consideration and respect for every woman under all circumstances is the foundation of this statement of rights, available as a printed piece for educational and advocacy settings, and as a downloadable PDF.
The "Rights of Childbearing Women" brochure spells out birthing women's personal LEGAL rights...that no state health department's 'mandates', or individual hospital's 'protocols', or any one MD's opinions, or a midwife's temerity can fly in the face of...not even with veiled threats to call CPS, or the police like they do in some states.

his is a powerful tool for you.

If you know your LEGAL rights, and insist on them, CPS and even the police are rendered impotent in court. The more you are educated and empowered and insist on your LEGAL rights as childbearing women and as new parents, the less likely you will have them taken from you.

State mandated protocols about what is medically 'safe' and 'necessary' have been 'wrong' very many times in the past, and mothers and their babies have been harmed. For that reason, it's important that PARENTS understand that YOU have the LEGAL right to the final say about how you give birth to your baby, and the right to make all decisions in your baby's treatment during the immediate postpartum period.
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OB nurse shares her experiences about helping moms do this and posts a video of it!

Skin to Skin Minutes After C/S in the OR… Speaking Up and Making it Happen

istock 000005418037small-11
Skin to Skin immediately after birth
is an extremely important part of the continuum of the nurturing of pregnancy, the process of birth and the transition of nurturing from inside mom to outside mom. This is the natural habitat where baby should transition and begin his own regulations of breathing
, heart rate, temperature etc… This is recognized by the AAP in their changes to the Neonatal Resuscitation Algorithm back in 2000. The recommendation was to keep baby with mom and provide all initial evaluations and steps with baby on moms chest for all healthy babies! 

We all know that babies have an inborn innate ability to self attach and nurse right after birth. These recommendations are not just for vaginal births. Kathy Petersen has a beautiful description of the importance of STS after a Cesarean birth on her Woman to Woman Childbirth Education blog in her 5/30/10 post Skin-to-Skin in the O.R. after a C-section. 

Read the FULL article and view the video here.
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I love that in Hypnobabies we teach about the importance of this special time, right after baby is born!

Please watch this video, Keep Your Baby With You After Birth!

It is shocking to me how many moms who are taking my Hypnobabies class for the 3rd or 4th baby and they are amazed that they have the option of keeping the baby on them for an hour or two.

"I didn't know I could do that!" one mom exclaimed.  The nurses always had taken her babies away after a minute or two and then spent 10-20 minutes weighing them and doing other things before she really got to hold and meet her baby.  She always hated that, but didn't realize she had a choice!  She made sure it happened with the birth of her Hypno-baby and she loved that special time!

I find that typically in a hospital birth the baby nurses really want to do the routine procedures right away.  It takes some consistent "No, I want to keep my baby."  comments from mom to make it happen.  I suggest telling the nurses you will call them when you are ready to weigh the baby.  This way they will leave the room and only come back when you want them too!
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Hi Everyone,

In Hypnobabies, we cover using a birth ball to help birthing become shorter and easier for moms and babies. It helps babies get in better alignment in the pelvis, and allows our Hypno-Moms to relax deeply in an upright position.

Here is an article on why to use a Birth Ball and how to pick one out:


For our Hypno-Moms, we have a bit of advice for practicing their hypnosis and relaxation on their Birth Ball in their third trimester to help them get used to relaxing deeply on it. The more practice there is before labor, the easier it is to use the Birth Ball during birthing.

Get a birth ball! This is simply an exercise ball that can be gotten anywhere from Target or Wal-Mart, to any sports equipment store or online. Practice forward leaning positions on your birth ball, and also doing relaxation and scripts or Hypnobabies CDs. This will allow you to become familiar with using it and becoming comfortable on it, long before your Birthing Time. Birth balls have made such a positive difference for many birthing women.

Listening to Your Hypnobabies CDs on a Birth Ball. At least once each week listen to one of your hypnosis CDs while sitting on your birth ball so that the first time you use your birth ball while in you are in deep hypnosis isn’t during your Birthing Time. Make sure your birth ball is the right size for you. (When you are sitting on your birth ball, your shins and thighs should be at right angles to one another, thighs parallel to the floor.)

A bonus to practicing with your hypnosis while sitting on your birth ball is that babies are happy and wiggle around a LOT while their moms are in hypnosis. In the semi-squatting, forward-leaning position you’ll be in while sitting on your ball, you’ll be encouraging your happy, wiggling hypno-baby to settle into the perfect position for birthing: head down, facing your back, with chin to chest.

Tips for getting comfortable and fully supported on your birth ball:

  • Have your CD or MP3 player with headphones ready to play your Hypnobabies CD.

  • Place your birth ball in front of a corner of your bed (if it’s not too tall), or the corner of the arm of a sofa or chair.

  • Wedge a sturdy shoe under each side of the birth ball to brace it, and to keep it from moving when you sit on it.

  • Then sit on your ball with your belly facing the corner of the bed, or the corner of the arm of a chair or sofa, with your belly close to the corner and your knees wrapped around each side.

  • Use 3 or 4 pillows to make yourself comfy. The best way to stack your pillows is to “stair-step” them lengthwise to your body rather than placing them widthwise as we usually do. Pull the end of the first pillow under your belly to keep it from scooting away from you when you lean forward. Then stack the second one on top of the first and wedge it under your belly as best as you can. Place the next one on top and wedge it under your chest, and place the last one on top of that.

Then lean forward onto your stack of pillows and put one cheek on the pillow. You should be upright enough so that it is still comfortable to breathe, and your back doesn’t feel strained; if not, use an additional pillow. You can let your arms dangle at your sides, or drape them over your thighs if you like, or you can slip your hands and forearms far enough in between the middle pillows in your stack if you think they’ll stay there when you are deeply in hypnosis.

Then just relax and enjoy your Hypnobabies CD.

Here is a very nice PDF that has Birth Ball Use information and pictures for labor, including different positions you can choose to help your birthing progress and comfort level:




Kerry  Tuschhoff, HCHI, CHt, CIO

Founder/Director of Hypnobabies

1-877-55-HYPNO (49766)

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A mom posted this on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group and I asked if I could share it here.  I think it shows the importance of choosing your birth location carefully.  Yes, she could have chosen a hospital MUCH closer, but she wouldn't be having the birth she wanted there!
Hi all!  I'm just stoked after my hospital tour, so I have to rant to you wonderful women who can understand why these little things are so exciting to me. :)

First, some background info:  We LOVED the little hospital where my DS was born while we were living in Austin, TX. But when we moved here to the Bronx for my husband's medical schooling, we found ourselves living directly between two huge inner-city hospitals...they are literally across the street on one side of us and across a lawn on the other side of us!  Many of our friends think we are crazy for driving a half hour to Sleepy Hollow where my midwives attend births in a small, natural birth friendly hospital. I just know that I would be miserable with the hyper-medicalized, large-scale teaching hospital experience offered at our neighboring hospitals.

Today we finally found the time to drop by the hospital we will birth at, and we loved it! All of the nurses I met were incredibly warm and helpful, and everything I want in my birth plan is standard there. But what was a HUGE and wonderful suprise is that they do water births!  I knew they have tubs to relax in, but I thought they were like most hospitals where you have to get out when it's time to push.  When the head nurse told me that my midwives frequently "catch babies" in the tubs, I felt like I had won the lottery! :)  It makes me even more excited and confident about my birthing time!

Anyways, just had to share the joy!  Good to know that the "medical establishment" is slowly coming around to more mommy/baby friendly methods.

Best to all,

Take the time to research the hospitals and care providers ALL around you!  It can make a huge difference.
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This is something that is discussed in Hypnobabies class.  What are the pros and cons?  Why should we do this?  But my care provider says they won't do it?  These are common questions I hear from my students and from the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group.

I usually suggest they do their own research and share with their care provider.  What often happens is they are so used to their routines that even if they agree to it, if it isn't their standard of care they forget in the moment. 

SO, if this is important to you find a care provider that does it all the time or REMIND your care provider while you are pushing!  (make that dad's job) 

Here is a great post by a L&D nurse about Delayed Cord Clamping, with great resources to check out.  

Another great place to go is Sarah Buckley has written a great article about Third Stage.
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Although they have read or heard wonderful Hypnobabies birth
stories and would love to have aMom with Question Mark Smaller peaceful, comfortable birth experience, some Christian moms are hesitant to look into Hypnobabies for fear that hypnosis conflicts with their faith. They may feel that it is too “new age” or they will be disconnected from or unable to control their mind or body. We have had a lot of Christian moms that have used Hypnobabies and had beautiful, joyous, prayerful birth. We have included direct quotes from some of them below as well as some information on hypnosis.

Read also - Chritianity and Hypnosis, with information from a pastor, a Christian Hypnobabies Instructor and more of our wonderful Christian Hypnobabies moms!

Who is in Control?

Let’s clear up some misconceptions about hypnosis. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. In Hypnobabies moms learn to enter self-hypnosis and in every script they listen to, they are reminded that THEY are in control. They can enter or exit this relaxed state at any time. So they are completely in control. Christian moms thoughts:
I never found anything in the program that would undermine any of my Christian beliefs. It actually helped me to love and appreciate myself, and the gift of having a child so much more, because I was focusing my mind on it regularly. Besides, we must CHOOSE to use the tools that allow our bodies to relax easily, it's not like it's forced upon us. This same kind of programming happens to us throughout our lives anyway, this is just purposely choosing to make it all positive about childbirth. ~ Layla T.
Christ said that to, "love thy neighbor as thyself" was the greatest law second to loving God himself. You must have love for yourself in order to do this. The whole program is based in loving, respecting and showing gratitude for yourself and your baby. I see nothing to worry about! ~ Lauren H.
Personally, I am a Christian and personally find no conflict in using hypnosis for childbirth. In fact, I have found that the Hypnobabies program helped me to become in better touch with my reliance upon God and the amazing beauty of how He created me to give birth to my babies. I also felt more connected to my body and birth and in control of myself during Bryson’s birth!

My favorite scripture is “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 I feel that Hypnobabies helped me to have the power of knowledge of normal birth, increase my love for my body and baby and helped me have a more control of my mind in preparing for and birthing my baby. ~ Sheridan R.

Hypnosis is a Natural State

Hypnosis is something that we all already do many times a day, so it's a very natural thing in our lives and is not an "altered state". We are automatically in hypnosis when driving, swimming, doing other sports, sitting in church or a lecture, reading, watching television or movies or on the computer (a screen of any kind) and when waking up or going to sleep. In Hypnobabies we are simply guiding that process in a very positive way to create an easier, fear-free, comfortable childbirth experience.

What is on the Hypnobabies audio tracks?

Hypnobabies moms are encouraged to listen to the scripts at least once while alert so they know what they are hearing. (Many moms fall asleep during the scripts and don’t “remember” what is on them.) Everything on the scripts are all very positive and uplifting messages about your body, baby and birth. Here are a few mom’s comments about what is on Hypnobabies' audio tracks:

1. I know it's common for Christians to be anti-hypnosis out of the fear that your mind will be open to negative influence. I did some reserach and found out that all hypnosis really is self-hypnosis. No one can force you to do anything that is against your beliefs. Anyone who is concerned about anything on the Hypnobabies tracks can simply listen to them in a conscious state (while washing dishes or whatever) to make sure that they are comfortable with all the suggestions given. There has never been anything on the CDs or in the scripts or materials that goes against my Christian values or beliefs. I actually view hypnosis as a gift from God since I've found it to be a wonderful tool. :-) ~ Karen P.

2. I’m also Christian and have never had issues with hypnosis. (I have two Hypnobabies with another one on the way.) I’ve viewed it as more prayer-like meditation. I also feel that the Hypnobabies program has helped me trust in God even more. He made my body perfectly so that I can give birth, when I trust my body to do its job, I am really trusting that God made everything perfectly.J ust my thoughts. I also like the suggestion to listen to the CDs while doing something active so you can hear the whole thing and make sure there isn’t anything that offends you in it… I personally have never felt that anything on the Hypnobabies tracks was contrary to anything I believed. ~ Marilyn M.

3. I don't see any conflict with it at all. In fact, I think it's more Christian to do what you can to bring your little blessing into the world in a calm manner free of drugs. The argument in the church against hypnosis historically is that it leaves your mind open to negative influences. There's nothing on the CDs as far as I know that would conflict with your beliefs--if I heard anything that conflicted with my beliefs I wouldn't be doing it. ~ Pattin S.

New Age?

Some hypnosis programs do lean towards a new agey feel. Hypnobabies is very mainstream in its orientation.
After I had my first successful Hypnobabies delivery, I came upon a copy of the Mongan Hypnobirthing book at a resale shop and bought it thinking it would make a nice additional resource for my next birth. When I became pregnant again, I started reading it, and was pretty much shocked at what I read.

The whole earth mother, goddess within, and rejection of the Eve story as a fabrication of men to keep women oppressed, line of reasoning behind why a woman can birth naturally and use hypnosis to help her achieve this goal was a big turn-off to me.

I am forever grateful that this was not my original introduction to hypnosis in birth, because it totally falls in with the types of negative preconceptions that Christians have toward hypnosis and the like and I am afraid I would have rejected the idea as not in line with my personal values.

I think Hypnobabies has done an incredible job of empowering women to embrace their innate ability to birth their babies and find the strength within themselves, without relying upon ideas that *some* will find offensive. ~ Frankie J.

Hypnosis is very similar to meditation, which is well supported in the Bible.
Do they think hypnosis is too New Age? I am a Christian AND I went to Seminary, and I don't see any problem with it. Hypnosis is like a deeper form of meditation - and meditation is mentioned many times in the Bible as a good thing. There are passages of the Bible that talk about meditation, removing grief or fear from the mind, and putting away pain from the body (because isn't that what we're doing with Hypnobabies?) ~ Jennifer W.

Incorporating your beliefs into Hypnobabies

From Hypnobabies founder and director, Kerry Tuschhoff: “Many of our moms on this list are Christian and have had wonderful success with Hypnobabies while incorporating their beliefs onto the scripts and hypnosis practice as well as adding prayer into the actual hypnosis when giving birth. I have come to realize that that women know what they need and will find it in Hypnobabies, adapting it perfectly and serenely to their own religious or non-religious belief systems. They always do.”
When I am in my Special Place, it's always me, the baby, and God behind me supporting me. I have recently begun to get involved in my faith again and I view this whole process of pregnancy, birth, and the hypnosis preparation for it is very spirtual. It's like God is there(literally in my special place with me), telling me that he created me for this very process to bring this new life(again that he created) into the world with peace and love. ~ Kimberly F.
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There are quite a few moms who seek out Hypnobabies becuase they are afraid to give birth.  That fear may come from previous births or from stories they have heard, shows they have seen.  Wherever it comes from, they are afraid of birth. 

When they find out about Hypnobabies, it gives them hope.  They realize that birth can be an enjoyable experience instead of a frightening one. 

Here are two lovely posts about fear of birth and why we don't need to be afraid!

Overcoming Fear of ChildBirth - It goes over the reasons why moms may have this fear and it actually refers to a news segment in which a mom was afraid of birth, saw my birth video on You Tube and realized that birth could be enjoyable. :)

Myth #783 Birth is Scary - A lovely post. 
Crashing through our fears and our cultural myths is what's scary - Birth isn't.

So very true!
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