Studies on Hypnosis

 Hypnotherapy Client

  1. Study of the efficacy of childbirth hypnosis published on “” ~
    “Hypnosis Antenatal Training for Childbirth” (HATCh): a randomised controlled trial 
  2. study on hypnosis used for uncomplicated birth ~
    “Hypnosis to facilitate uncomplicated birth.” – Mehl-Madrona LE. 
  3. study on alternative therapies for pain management in labor ~
    “Complimentary and Alternative Therapies for Pain Management in Labor” - Univ. Adelaide, AU. 
  4. Published in the Journal of Family Practice – May 2001 ~
    “Effects of Hypnosis on the Labor Process and Birth Outcomes of Pregnant Adolescents” 
  5. Published in the British Journal of Anesthesia ~
    “Hypnosis for Pain Relief in Labor and Childbirth; a sytematic review” 
  6. Multiple studies listed below from “Mind-Body Advances, LLC” website ~
    ~ “Hypnosis for childbirth: a restrospective comparative anaysis in one obstetrician’s practice”
    ~  ”Evidence-based clinical hypnosis for obstetrics, labor and delivery and preterm labor.”
    ~ “Hypnosis: removing the labour from birth.”
    ~ “Self-hypnosis: alternative anesthesia for childbirth.”
    ~ “Hypnosis and conversion of the breech to vertex presentation.” 
  7. study ~
    “Antenatal Self-Hypnosis for Labour and Childbirth: a pilot study” 
  8. Published in online version of The Wall Street Journal/Health Journal ~
    “How you think about pain can have a major impact on how it feels.” 
  9. YouTube News VIDEO cites multiple studies about hypnosis being effective for pain elimination ~;

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