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Posted by on in First Time Moms
Background: We live in Taiwan (Asia). DH left on a long and necessary business trip to Europe and planned to return to Taiwan at 39w. While this was cutting it close, I myself was born a week late and I'd read that first babies usually take a little longer to "bake" so I figured we'd be ok.

At 38w3d, I wake up at 7am on Friday morning due to abdominal discomfort. I thought it was the baby doing his morning calisthenics again - I'd been having those same feelings off and on in the mornings over the previous week or two and thought it was him stretching out since my belly would be totally lopsided. In hindsight, I realize it may have been Braxton-Hicks contractions (which I had thought meant your tummy would get round and hard - I guess not!). Unlike previous times, it did not go away and I could not go back to sleep by changing positions or applying light pressure. This did not make me happy because I'd be up late the night before working. At 8am, the uncomfortable feeling was intensifying, so I texted my doula to ask her if these might be BH. She wrote back, "sounds like early labour! any mucousy discharge? loose bowel movements?"

I'd been having loose bowel movements since (of course) the night DH left on his business trip (~2 weeks prior), and while that is a sign that your cervix is ripening, it doesn't tell you when you'll start childbirth. However, that morning went from the loose bowel movements that would make a Metamucil commercial proud to something more like diarrhea. I also had the slightest tinge of pink mucousy discharge, which in retrospect was my bloody show. My doula Angie and I discussed my signs over the phone and she recommended I get in touch with DH.

I still didn't think it was early labor because the discomfort dies down and I still cling to my belief that my daily affirmations to the baby that he will "be born easily and naturally after September 30th" will work (little do I know that he only paid attention to the first part of Mommy's request).

DH calls me back when he gets my message at 7am his time in Belgium. It's around noon, I think, and I relay Angie's assessment of the situation. At her suggestion, I take a walk around the garden in our complex and the PW ("pressure waves," Hypnobabies-speak for contractions) come about once or twice every 10 minutes. During the PW, I either slow down or stop walking and just breathe through them. DH is simultaneously on the phone with a travel agent and at that point decides to head straight to the airport to get back to Taiwan ASAP (I think he finds this crazy route to get back, something like Brussels-Helsinki-Hong Kong-Taipei) - the soonest he can get back to Taipei is before noon the next day, so roughly 24 hours away.

I still don't think I'm in early labor, but DH and Angie agree that it's probably best for him to come back. I really hope his last-minute plane ticket is worth it and that it really is labor, and that the baby waits until Daddy is back to arrive! During that day, I manage to have a Skype conference call with my accountant in the U.S. over my tax return (and he doesn't realize that I'm in labor)!

At about 4pm, Angie comes over to check up on me. We sit on my couch and have a nice chat. I breathe through my PW when they come, but it's totally manageable (still I think about every 10 minutes). Based on her experience with other births, she thinks it is totally conceivable that things won't really get started until much later and DH has a chance to make it on time. Take a nap or a bath (water in early labor slows things down), or watch a movie, she recommends, because I want to be well-rested in case things kick in in the middle of the night. Little do we know my baby will be born in about 4 hours!

She leaves. I call my girlfriend and she offers to bring over dinner. I accept her offer since I don't really feel like cooking. My friend says she needs to run some errands first, but she'll be over in about an hour and a half. That's fine, I tell her - I'm going to take a bath to relax - and she can come over, we can have dinner, maybe watch a dvd, have an early night.

I run the tub and get in with a good book. I have the presence of mind to keep my cell phone next to the tub by the bathmat. I become engrossed in the book, but realize after awhile I'm having trouble concentrating every couple of paragraphs. I call Angie. She sounds a little concerned since she's on her way to dinner with her kids, and asks me to keep her posted. About 15 minutes later (at roughly 6pm), I call her to tell her I think my water broke (I hear a pop and there is a gush of fluid in the tub after a PW - at that point, it's like my body is doing that breakdance move where the whole body moves in a wave on its own - so I logically conclude that either my water broke or I lost control of my bladder and peed in the tub, and I pick the former conclusion). Angie immediately turns her car around and offers to send her kids along with her nanny in a cab so she can head straight to my place, but I insist she first head home so that she can pick up her video camera as I really want to have the birth filmed since it seems like DH is going to miss it.

I'm not sure at what point I did this, but when the PW really pick up in intensity, I decided I need reinforcement of my hypnosis cues (since I just listened to the tracks at night before bed and barely practiced at all). It takes all of my focus and concentration to get out of the tub to unlock the front door and put on my Hypnobabies soundtrack. I debate between the "Positive Birthing Day Affirmations" or the "Easy First Stage" tracks, and I decide that since the PW seem pretty intense, I'm going to go straight to the "Easy First Stage" even though I don't think I'm there yet. I get back into the tub and decide that I'm not doing any more moving. I figure once I have the CD going, I can go more easily into hypnosis and the PW won't seem as intense and I can wait for them to die down. Except they don't die down, but keep coming.

Angie keeps me posted on her progress to my home - she's stuck in rush hour traffic. So is my friend. Sometime around this point I finally accept the fact that I am in childbirth, and I just let my body take over and go with the flow. I'm feeling very calm.

Angie asks if I can meet her downstairs so she can take me straight to the birth center. I can't get out of the tub on my own, I tell her - it would take too much focus away from going through the PW. Just to answer my cell phone (which is outside the tub) and not drop it into the tub while I'm on the phone takes a lot of concentration!

She tells me that once my friend arrives, I am to tell my friend to help me out of the tub, get me dressed, and go downstairs so we can go to the birth center. Less than 5 minutes later, my friend shows up. Actually, when she arrives the doorman calls to see if I'm expecting her - and I can't even get out of the tub to answer the cordless phone on my nightstand right next to the door to the bathroom, just one step away from the tub. I call her on her cell so that she can pass me onto the doorman for me to give him permission to let her in. He tells my friend he thinks I sound a bit ill. "She's having a baby," replies my friend.

When my friend shows up in my bathroom, I relay Angie's directions to me and then I tell her, "but I'm not leaving this tub. You can go pack my birth bags." Angie shows up about 5 minutes after my friend. I look up to her and I say, "this must be transformation (Hypnobabies-speak for transition), right?" She says she needs to check and goes to get her disposable gloves. Now, I'd read in my research that transformation is the most intense part of childbirth, and that there's usually a natural break after mom is fully dilated to give her time to gather up energy for the pushing stage. Angie checks and says that not only am I fully dilated, she can see a quarter-size bit of head!

Now, at that point I wasn't really sure if Hypnobabies was working, because I was not completely numb to all sensation with hypnotic anesthesia. I could definitely feel something was happening in the sense that when I was in the tub, the PW became these intense convulsions (for lack of a better word) that took over my body, but I hadn't realized I'd already gone through transformation and was well into the pushing stage. Keep in mind that epidurals are usually given at around 3-4cm in dilation - well before transformation!

Back to the childbirth: Angie immediately calls my doctor who promptly freaks out and tells me to stop pushing and go straight to the birth center. Now when you are in active labor, there is no conscious choice. It's like if you get traveler's diarrhea - your body is going to expel what it doesn't want whether you like it or not. The thought of getting into a moving vehicle is the last thing I want to do. My dr suggests calling for an ambulance. The thought of panicked paramedics mucking up my home and going to an unfamiliar hospital is even less appealing.

I have Angie and my good friend (who officiated my wedding) in my home. I am a low-risk pregnancy and the birth is obviously progressing rapidly and smoothly. I tell Angie we'll just have the baby at home because he's already sneaking his way out and go to the birth center afterwards. Angie goes into the nursery and tells my friend to stop packing the birth bags as we're having the baby at home. My friend asks Angie, "so are you a midwife?" "I'm a midwife student," replies Angie. My friend, bless her, calmly takes this in stride and asks how she can help.

They gather up all the towels in my home and I eventually get out of the tub and onto my bed. I start on my hands and knees, and then roll to my side to rest. Childbirth feels like awful constipation - I feel like I have the biggest poo ever stuck in my colon, I tell Angie, and then promptly apologize to the baby for likening him to poo. Since I'm feeling this way, I decide to move onto the toilet. Angie is great, providing support (literally - I lean on her doing PW) and my friend is photographing and filming the whole thing. In between PW I am relaxed and do things like comb and fix my hair so that it's not in my face, and be all Martha Stewart-y by directing cleanup so that everything is neat and in place.

When the baby's head has descended even more, Angie suggests moving off of the toilet since obviously he'll be harder to catch. I agree and I end up standing, leaning against my closet as Angie sits of the floor to catch him. His head slowly inches out. At one point, DH calls to get an update - he's transferring planes in Helsinki. My friend answers and tells him the head is out! Just before 9pm, his head out, he does a little turn so that his shoulders can come out and with a whoosh, his whole body slides out and Angie lifts him up to me. We are so ecstatic and it's wonderful to have my baby in my arms! He looks just like his daddy!

We pile any remaining towels onto my bed and I go there to lie down so that the baby and I can have our skin-to-skin bonding time, he can try to latch on, and I can birth the placenta. In a short while, the placenta is birthed and we wrap it up in a old Asian WSJ. At this point, I'm starving and I want to eat that dinner that my friend brought over!

I get dressed and go to the dining room and eat my dinner - I feel a little shaky - the kind of feeling you get after a huge physical exertion (e.g. intense swim practice, tough water polo game) and your blood sugar is low. I feel like I've run a marathon or hiked one of Taiwan's tallest peaks with just a few energy bars. I snarf my food down while Angie holds the baby and my friend cleans up.

We then head to the birth center (my dr is in a panic, remember). On the way over, I mention I could still eat a Whopper (not my usual order of a Whopper Jr., but a regular-sized Whopper). We arrive at the birth center - no parking spots by the entrance, so we park about 15-20 meters away and I walk into the birth center with my baby in one arm and my placenta, wrapped in newspaper and in a plastic tub, in my other arm. Later on the nurses keep commenting on how I didn't seem like a mom who had just given birth, given how I just strolled into their reception area where they were all waiting for us.

It turns out I had a 2nd degree tear (skin & muscle) which my dr sews up (for the record, that was much more uncomfortable and stressful than childbirth, even though I had local anesthesia - I did not prepare by going into hypnosis first as it caught me off guard). When I first arrived, my dr was very upset about the home birth and the fact that I'd taken so long to arrive since Angie had first called (I thought it was perfectly reasonable for me to have a good meal after giving birth to my baby, and I obviously didn't have that same sense of urgency she had). I'm on a high after the birth and don't mind her freak out at all; I just keep thinking, I just had my baby and he's the most wonderful, adorable thing ever in my arms!

Perhaps my dr had thought that I had secretly planned a home birth. I am actually one of those people that's quite comfortable with having my natural birth in a facility with all the backup medical resources available - but as they say, the first rule of parenting is to expect the unexpected! Anyways, after she inspected me she said that my cervix showed obvious signs of fast dilation and seemed to realize that hypnosis for childbirth can work so well that everyone (myself included!) can miss the signs of how quickly its progressing.

Even though I did not get my water birth, I had an amazing childbirth experience. Ultimately, it was exactly the way I wanted - smooth, natural, and peaceful. As Angie said, the three of us women worked together to create this great environment that was as pleasant as a few girlfriends gathering together for afternoon tea - except that instead of nibbling on petit fours, we had a baby!
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Miles Avery came in to the world on Monday July 6, 2009 at 9:57pm weighing 9lbs 4oz. and measured at 22 inches long! Big baby! But a real cutie!

Let me start out by saying that I studied Hypnobabies for 3 months prior to birth and fully prepared myself to have a natural childbirth. I believe if I ever have another child I will again prepare myself with Hypnobabies for a natural childbirth because Hypnobabies gave me the tools to deal with the process of having a c-section and made for a relatively calm birth amongst the craziness of the operating room. Doing Hypnobabies every night also made for a relaxing pregnancy and I believe had something to do with how incredibly calm my baby is.

On Monday July 6th I went to the hospital for a third fetal movement test. Since he was measuring big from the week before the Dr’s wondered if I had developed Gestational Diabetes so while there the nurse called to get the results of the GD test the week before. It turned out that I had developed it. From that point on I was told that the baby was coming out that day either by induction or by c-section. I was surprised that they actually were giving me the choice.  Now I had not read up on c-section or inductions so I wasn’t prepared to make the decision. The only knowledge I had of either of the 2 choices was the info in the HB home study book as well as some support from people on the HB message bored when I asked which would be better. I thank everyone for their responses!

When my husband got the hospital, he and I debated for over an hour and half which method would be the better option. We asked the OB at the hospital and our OB what they both thought. I called my parents and a friend of mine who had recently had a c-section to ask her about the recovery process. After going back and forth between the 2 we decided that the c-section was the way to go. I do have to say that the OB at the hospital and my OB never pressured me either way. In fact at one point the OB who performed the procedure actually said to me, “Let’s just start with the induction.” Cause I was taking so long to decide! I guess she figured I was uncomfortable with getting a c-section. They both were supportive of either option as long as I was open to having the baby that day.

Once we decided and I got admitted, it was time for pre-op. The staff there and the OB let me have close to an hour to prepare myself by letting me get into my own self-hypnosis mode. Like I said I hadn’t prepared for a CS so I was a little unsure of how to use the method for that so I started out with the Deepening CD to make sure I was as relaxed as I could be. After that I put myself in hypnosis and turned on my center switch just in time to wheeled into the operating room. I turned myself off when getting the spinal block and back to center when I had the lie down and stayed there for a few moments while answering questions from the anesthesiologist. Feeling the spinal take effect was the worst part for me. There was a moment where I felt like couldn’t breathe. And the Dr had the nurses tilt the table a little bit to help me out which did help. Then came some nausea, which the anesthesiologist gave me some Zofran for. Then my head started to hurt and here is where HB really helped me out. I began using the “Peace” cue while the pain in my head came and went. The “Peace” cue kept me calm during a moment that I wanted to really panic.

After my head stopped hurting and the Dr. made sure that I could not feel anything. My husband was allowed in and I promptly turned myself off while husband rubbed my head and gave me the relax and release cues through the entire operation. I also was saying to myself the entire time, “Deeper and Deeper with ever exhalation”.  I was completely relaxed and very aware of what people were saying and doing after I turned myself off. I never felt any pain during the surgery partly because of the drugs, but also because I was so relaxed. I remember the Dr and nurses telling me and commenting to my husband how calm I was and how good I was doing. I know that they are probably supposed to say that, but they all sounded genuinely impressed at how well I was handling everything.

Miles came out already crying and covered in meconium. This told me that I had made the right decision. He was just ready to come out. I remember the nurses all commenting on how big he was and that I had delivered the biggest baby of the day! LOL!  I was able to see him after a few minutes of him getting weighed and some blood tests taken because of the GD. Turns out his sugar was not elevated at all. I must have just recently started to develop GD right at the end.

Miles is just a beautiful baby boy. So far in his week and a half old life I have only had one night where he was fussy, but most of the time he is so calm and able to settle right down when he does get fussy that I am calling him my Zen Baby!

I truly do not think I would have been able to be so calm through the operation had I not studied with Hypnobabies. It truly gave me the knowledge and the tools to make my decision and to remain calm and relaxed throughout the c-section.

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Posted by on in First Time Moms
My pressure waves started Wednesday night about 9 or 10 PM, but they
were really inconsistent--up to 45 minutes (or more; they were so
inconsistent I didn't bother timing them!) between waves.  This was
similar to my first birth, so I figured I'd be birthing my baby
sometime Thursday night/Friday morning.

Uh, no.  Wednesday and Thursday night, I listened to HB scripts for a
couple hours to help relax through pressure waves.  Probably around
midnight Thursday night/Friday morning, my water broke, but it was a
high break, so the small amount of liquid made me unsure that it had
broken.  Still, I was able to get a good amount of sleep both nights.

Friday afternoon, my mother and my sister arrived from out of town (I
wonder if, really, I was delaying my own labor for her arrival so I
wouldn't have to worry about my 2 year old).  We went shopping for
curtains for the baby's room and had dinner at my sister's house.  (I
have a lot of sisters :D .)

By Friday night, my pressure waves still weren't really progressing,
though I had finally gotten up to 3-4 an hour.  By then I was pretty
sure my water had broken (I don't know why leaking water all day
hadn't been my first clue....), and rereading the HB workbook section
on high breaks helped to reassure me, especially around 9 PM when I
realized that a doctor would give me a three hour deadline to have the
baby and I was scared to call my OB and be put on drugs to regulate my
pressure waves.

I listened to more scripts and was able to get a little sleep Friday
night (as much as I could, having to pee hourly or sometimes even more
frequently!).  After midnight, I was *extremely* uncomfortable, but a
few positions mentioned in the course really helped (specifically
leaning over against a counter, rocking my hips from side to side!).

At 2:30, I decided it was time to go to the hospital.  For some
reason, although we live 1.5 mi from the hospital, it always seems to
take an hour from the time I decide it's time to go to the time we're
admitted.  Okay, so I know part of the reason--my pressure waves were
too intense to walk and lasting several minutes.  I was pretty much
freaking out and seriously thinking I wasn't going to be able to get
along without an epidural.

At the hospital, they asked first thing if my water had broken, and
they did a test paper that came back bright blue--definitely amniotic
fluid.  So they were very careful about internal exams ( :D !), but
they did an initial one--I was eight cm.  (Even better than I'd
visualized!)  The nurse asked if I was planning on having an epidural.
I said, "Well, I wasn't *planning* on it. . . ."  She told me I
didn't need one!

I was a little worried about this hospital, though I'd liked it okay
the first time around, I'd *heard* that other hospitals in the area
were more natural-birth friendly.  But they never mentioned an
epidural again!

I had a very hard time focusing through the last hour of pressure
waves (and got very annoyed at my MP3 player), but my wonderful nurse
helped me to focus.  She didn't even know we were doing hypnosis, but
she used a lot of the same cues from the course--the same breathing
cues, telling me to relax specific body parts.  She also took hold of
my foot to give me another physical stimulus to focus on, which I liked.

DH was great, too, though I discovered that I hated the forehead relax
cue and couldn't tell him to use my shoulder.  (A little busy, I was!)

The OB got there an hour after we did, and I was almost complete.
Because I had a high break and kept myself well hydrated, he actually
didn't believe the nurse when she said my water had broken and still
had to AROM (uncomfortable!) and pushed the last little lip of cervix
out of the way.

They told me I could push, and while I wasn't having any urge to push,
I was ready for my birthing time to be over.  I did have local
anesthesia (which is really good, since I had 2nd degree tearing),
but, incredibly, pushing did not hurt.  There was a lot of pressure,
stretching and a little stinging (probably from the local), but it DID
NOT HURT.  It was just a lot of work!

Rebecca Shae was born at 4:58 AM on Saturday, July 26.  She weighed 5
lbs, 13 oz and was 18.5 in long.  After they weighed her and wiped her
off, they gave her back to me and she nursed for an hour.  I declined
the routine pitocin, which my OB grumbled about a little as he sewed
me up, but for someone who I know is not very supportive of natural
birth, he wasn't bad (and I realize now that his personality is just a
lot more gruff than my regular, superoptimistic OB).

Other than being small and a little cold, she's done great!  We should
be released from the hospital any time now (once DH gets here) and I'm
excited to go home.

I don't feel like I did very well at maintaining my focus on my own,
but HB did help me through two days of pressure waves and I was able
to give birth naturally.

My husband blogged about the birth (a much shorter account) on my
blog: http://www.mamablogga.com/first-guest-blogger-daddy-x-2/

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Posted by on in First Time Moms
In the days after Avery’s birth, Kerry’s sweet voice continued to echo in my ears. The voice of an angel who helped us have the very birth we dreamed of.

What a wonderful thing to say!  Read Avery's whole birth here!
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Guess date: Wednesday, March 18, 2009, first baby

Avery Catherine, 6 lbs. 5 oz., 20 in. long, born Thursday, March 26 at 1:31 p.m.

True birthing time began Wednesday, March 25 around 2 a.m.

Success with Hypnobabies? Absolutely!

Pre-Labor (Skip or read with BOP)

**Mild pressure waves started Sunday evening, March 22 and they were perfectly manageable so I went to sleep. I thought we might even have the baby by the next morning! Ha! How wrong I was. PWs continued through Wednesday night becoming more uncomfortable and I wasn't able to use my cues for some reason. It was probably all mental. I'd been Fear Releasing and Birthing Day Affirmations but something was still holding me back. Probably because I was a first-time mom, I was just scared. However I did and still do (even more so now, absolutely believe in Hypnobabies and know that we chose the very best way to birth).

By Wednesday night I was literally bored to tears from sitting around and not sleeping, and PWs were still inconsistent. So my wonderful husband turned on a bath for me and lit some candles. I had a glass of wine (never drank of course during pregnancy but I'd read some midwives say it was a good way to get things going) and boy were they right. I was refreshed and peaceful and the PWs started to pick up from here. For about 10 minutes I was moaning in the kitchen. But this was the only time during the entire birth that I actually felt pain.**

Ahhhhh, Hypnobabies brings relief!

The very moment I put my headphones on and listened to the Birth Guide CD when it was time to leave for the hospital, I was SO relaxed and comfortable. The midwife checked upon arrival and I was 6 centimeters and waters still intact! YES! What a great feeling. I was so happy and this carried me through until I was complete and ready to push at about 9 a.m. I didn't even know I was in transition. It was just more intense but I wasn't aware of any particular shift. Just overjoyed to hear I was complete. I felt SO great and my husband and Hypnobabies doula worked so well to keep me hydrated and encouraged. The nurses were wonderful and respected my birth plan. It was actually our midwife, who, while she did have a great bedside manner, and was extremely encouraging when I needed her to be, was also all about the "standard of care" and bossed the nurses around too much for my liking. You just never know. But I was allowed to move around even though the midwife was making my sweet nurse follow me around with the monitor to check the baby's heart rate. But at least she was able to follow me and I didn't have to lie down. It was tough on the nurse, I know, but she always found a strong beat, which I have to say, was comforting even though I wanted that monitor off me.

Let me just say a word on doulas. Hire one if at all possible and if she doesn't know Hypnobabies, train her. Find someone who is willing to learn. I relied mostly on my husband for physical support during the birthing waves, and all he had to say was "relax" or "release"  to get me through, but it was my doula who I remember turning to most during transition and pushing. At that point I needed someone who had been through it and believed in her own body in order to maintain focus. My husband was getting a bit anxious and was asking a lot of questions, and our doula was incredibly supportive during this time. Through this increased intensity, I never once felt pain.

Time to Push!

BOP needed NOW. Skip these next two paragraphs if you want. They are not important to the overall success I had with the program, and I will preface it by saying that the more intense things became, the more Hypnobabies kicked in. And I was only about a C+ home study student!

**I honestly thought we'd have the baby by 10:30 a.m. or so. Boy, this little girl took 'patience' to a whole new level. I pushed for four and 1/2 hours, which was certainly no one's plan, and in the end my body was clearly giving out. Yet in the end, everything was so worth it. I can't say why I had to push for so long. My pelvis is obviously quite small since Avery was just 6 lbs., 5 oz. and really seemed stuck, and I did have a substantial tear when she was born at 1:31 p.m. (Even though I know plenty of small women who push much larger babies right through.) But I had no idea I'd even torn, and held and loved on my baby while I got stitched up. Also, the midwife had right away guided the placenta right out and I barely felt it. I am healing so well from the tear and have had a virtually pain-free recovery.

Just two thoughts on this: DO YOUR SQUATS. If I'd been physically able to stay squatting for longer (and if the hospital had had a squat bar like they should have), I think we'd have had our baby sooner. Also, don't delay listening to your Pushing Baby Out track. I never really had a chance to listen to it since I was saving it for Birth Day, and by the time I needed it I couldn't get my headphones to stay in. At that point I just needed my doula to give me the cues, and she did. Chiropractic care earlier also may have helped get my pelvis in better alignment. I will definitely be going earlier next pregnancy. But as challenging as the pushing phase was for me, the mood in the room during those hours was extremely peaceful. With each push I continued to remain confident that we were getting closer. It certainly was frustrating to not be able to literally see the fruits of my labor until 1:30 p.m., knowing that all FOUR grandparents were in the waiting room going crazy and ready to meet their very FIRST grandbaby, but everyone just kept encouraging me and telling me what a good job I was doing. My doula even ended up telling me to hold my breath some. While this is not normally a part of mother-directed pushing, I was glad she did because it helped give me a little added force when I was needing it. She said as many births as she's attended, she's never seen anyone quite as persistent as we were! After Avery was born, I looked at my doula and said, "That was hard!" And it was, but really only because I was going into it with no sleep. Hypnobabies absolutely helped sustain us when we needed it.**

Avery was SO alert and peaceful at birth. There are no words to describe how amazing it was to see her for the first time so I won't even try. She scored 8 out of 10 on Apgar at one minute old (I think because of blue feet) and they stole her from me to put her under the warmer for a few minutes. She was 9 out of 10 at 5 minutes.

In the days after Avery's birth, Kerry's sweet voice continued to echo in my ears. The voice of an angel who helped us have the very birth we dreamed of!
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To make this long story short: Hypnobabies - I love it; and Natural Childbirth - Awesome.

I woke up around 5 am on October 1st, 2007. I got up to relieve myself and noticed some pink on the toilet paper. I checked the bowl and realized I had lost my mucous plug.  I was excited because at 36 weeks and 6 days, this was the first sign I'd had that my baby was getting ready for her birthday.

When I got back in bed (because I do NOT get up at 5:00 am!) I felt a mild cramping feeling in my abdomen. It went away swiftly, but returned a few minutes later. After this happened a few times I realized that I might be having pressure waves. I started checking the clock and found that the cramps were coming three minutes apart. However, the cramping feeling only seemed to last a few seconds and was confined to my lower abdomen rather than radiating from high to low or front to back. I decided that I was probably experiencing pre-labor waves because If I was really in labor with pw's only three minutes apart then they would surely feel stronger and last longer,  and anyway we weren't expecting the baby to come for a few more weeks. …
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I have been wanting to write and post this for months. This was my 1st pregnancy. I have two older kids through adoption 6 & 3 years old, so I have not had time to post our story until now. David Kai is now 4 months I guess better late then never :)

Two weeks before my due date I went to my usual Dr appointment and she had told me I was 90% effaced and station 1 but no dilation. she I needed to start to contract and then the baby would come (she knew I was doing Hypnobabies so I as so surprised she used the word contract)anyway the hospital where we were delivering has a 98% epidural rate and a friend of ours was a pharmacy rep and confirmed this, so I knew it might be a challenge to have natural childbirth but I was up for it. …

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Here is a great example from a mom on the Moms Forum, who always thought she was sleeping, but now has proof she really had hypnotic amnesia!

I know there are lots of questions on here about sleeping through the tracks, and I just wanted to share my experience . . . . I thought I was one of those people who was sleeping through her tracks almost every time except for the first listen. Last night, DH & I were listening to Creating Anesthesia, and I "woke up" during center of the last time Kerry has you do the fingerdrop exercise in the track. I remember feeling all freaked out b/c I had been asleep, and I was thinking, "Oh shoot, I missed it all again." But, I went ahead and followed Kerry through flipping back to Off, and then counting up to 3. After it was over, I asked DH how long I had been asleep (I have started snoring pretty badly when laying on my back in the last couple weeks, so it's pretty clear when I'm sleeping v. just having my eyes closed). He was like, "You weren't asleep--don't you remember talking to me?" Apparently, after one of the times on the track when Kerry counts you up to 3 after doing a practice fingerdrop, DH asked me something, and I looked at him with my eyes open and said, "Shhhh, you're not supposed to be talking." I have NO RECOLLECTION of that conversation at all. None--I don't remember anything after hearing Kerry explaining the idea of the switch until that final going into center when I "woke up." Anyway, I just thought I'd share. Although I was taking comfort in hearing that lots of people sleep through the tracks with great results, this makes me feel even better to know that maybe sometimes when I think I'm sleeping, I really am just experiencing hypnotic amnesia.

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