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The following links correspond to the ones in your Hypnobabies Class Student Workbook:

Class 1 Links

Language - 

Holistic Language for Nurses: The Power of Suggestion

Stay Inside Your Bubble of Peace –

Birth is no Time for War Stories

Embracing One System –

Choosing ONE Childbirth Program

How the Mind Works; How Hypnosis Works –

Do we smell with our EYES? People perceive odours differently if they are labelled with positive or negative words

Software For Your Mind

Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis - Is it Realistic?

Just How Easy and Comfortable Can Birthing Be?

How Does it Work?

Use of Hypnosis in Pregnancy and Birth -

STUDY - Hypnosis for pain relief in labour and childbirth: a systematic review

Or the PDF version

STUDY - efficacy of self-hypnosis learning sessions for elimination of chronic pain

STUDY - Hypnosis for childbirth: a retrospective comparative analysis of outcomes in one obstetrician’s practice 

STUDY - Hypnosis for pain management during labor and childbirth 

STUDY/ PDF - Hypnosis Can Change the Processing of Pain  (hypnosis can alter how the brain processes pain, thereby reducing patients’ perception of pain, judging from findings from brain-imaging studies reported recently.) 

VIDEO - Medical Hypnosis in the News

STUDY - Hypnosis for Turning Breech Babies 

STUDY - Alternative therapies (hypnosis) for pain management in labor

VIDEO - Scott Sandland, “What IS Hypnosis?”

Pain Really Is All In Your Head And Emotion Controls Intensity 

What’s In There? -
VIDEO - Animated footage of conception to birth ~ TED Talk

Baby Wise Program/Book Concerns -
AAP ABSTRACT - “Babywise” advice linked to de-hydration and failure to thrive
Collection of Articles on Babywise
Babywise Advice Linked to Dehydration and Failure to Thrive

STUDY - Styles of Parenting (Attachment and Babywise principles compared)
Home-Play –
Home Play Encouragement
Class 2 Links

Prenatal Testing -
First Trimester Prenatal Tests
Second Trimester Prenatal Tests
Third Trimester Prenatal Tests 
Prenatal Testing
More Women Skip Prenatal Test After Learning About Risks
Prenatal Diagnosis: Amniocentesis and CVS
Gestational Diabetes –

Gestational Diabetes and the Glucola Test
Gestational Diabetes: Please Don’t Drink the “Glucola Without Reading the Label
Epigenetics –

Development in the womb: New insight on epigenetic influence on baby
Perineal Massage –
Antenatal Perineal Massage – Information for Women
Protein Information –
Ways To Increase Protein Intake

Pregnancy, Protein, and Promoting Growth

How Much Protein in Pregnancy

Plant Proteins
Eggs –

Pregnancy, Protein, and Promoting Growth

6 Reasons Why Eggs are the Healthiest Food on the Planet

How Many Eggs Should You Eat

Supplements –


Risks of Taking too Much Calcium When Pregnant
Vitamin D

Moms-to-be with low vitamin D levels could have more painful labors
Artificial Sweeteners –
Aspartame is renamed AminoSweet
How Safe is Splenda?
Food Safety in Pregnancy –
Food Safety During Pregnancy
Soda – 
Facts About Soda
Diets of Pregnant Women Contain Harmful, Hidden Toxins
Seafood –
Fatty acids in fish may shield brain from mercury damage
Alcohol –
Fetal brain function in response to maternal alcohol consumption: Early evidence of damage
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Caffeine –
Moderate Caffeine Consumption During Pregnancy
Caffeine Linked to Low Birth Weight Babies
Caffeine in Pregnancy
Medications –
Prescription painkillers, widely used by childbearing age women, double birth defects risk
Ultrasound –
Avoid Fetal "Keepsake" Images, Heartbeat Monitors
Ultrasound Imaging
Ultrasound Scans – Cause For Concern
Natural Childbirth IIA: Is Ultrasound Necessary & Effective in Pregnancy?
Natural Childbirth IIB: Ultrasound Not as Safe as Commonly Thought
Exercise –
You Still Don't Know Squat
Preparation – The Miles Circuit
"Expecting Fitness", book by Birgitta Lauren
The Miles Circuit
5 Best Exercises in Pregnancy
Optimal Cord Clamping –
Video – Cord Clamping and Your Birth Plan
Common Objections to Delayed Cord Clamping – What’s The Evidence Say?
Video – Delayed Cord Clamping – Grand Rounds
Delayed Cord Clamping Should be Standard Practice in Obstetrics
An Update on Delayed Cord Clamping, and Thoughts on Internet Expertise
Effect of Delayed Versus Early Umbilical Cord Clamping Status at 4 Months
Late vs Early Clamping of the Umbilical Cord in Full-term Neonates
History and Impact of Premature Cord Clamping
Magic Umbilical Cords
BBC article: "Early cord clamping may harm baby"
The Placenta -
The Amazing Placenta
Class 3 Links
Homebirth/Birth Center Safety –
Ninety-seven percent of homebirth babies were carried full term with only 1 percent of babies transferred to hospital after birth
Home Birth: Why This Doctor Would Still Choose One
Hospitals Carry Their Own Risks
Low-risk pregnant women urged to avoid hospital births
Outcomes of planned home births with certified professional midwives: large prospective study in North America
New Evidence Confirms Birth Centers Provide Top-Notch Care
Midwives Say Birthing Centers Could Cut C-Section Rates and Save Billions
Outcomes of Care in Birth Centers: Demonstration of a Durable Model
5 Reasons Birth Centers Have Met Their Moment
Midwifery Model of Care –
Midwifery Model
Benefits of Midwifery Care Video
Expecting? The Process of Creating a Physiological Birth
New Research on the Safety of Using Midwives for Low-Risk Deliveries
Midwifery Benefits? Improved Outcomes For Moms Who See Midwives, Review Finds
A Midwifery Model of Care for Childbearing Women at High Risk: Genuine Caring in Caring for the Genuine
Perinatal and Maternal Outcomes by Planned Place of Birth for Healthy Women with Low Risk Pregnancies: The Birthplace in England National Prospective Cohort Study
Home Birth After Hospital Birth: Women’s Choices and Reflections
Physiologic/Normal Birth –
Research Summaries for Normal Birth
Undisturbed birth
The Most Scientific Birth Is Often the Least Technological Birth
Evidence Based Practice –
Scientific Evidence Underlying the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' Practice Bulletins
I didn’t realize the pressure to have a C-section until I was about to deliver
Twelve Signs You Can Trust Your Care
The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services: Evidence Basis for the Ten Steps of Mother-Friendly Care
What is Evidence-based Maternity Care?
When doing nothing makes the most sense and is the least risky option
Informed Consent –
Right to Informed Consent
Right to Refuse Medical Treatment
You’re Not Allowed to Not Allow Me
Leaving AMA –
Does leaving against medical advice stick patients with a bill?
Financial Responsibility of Hospitalized Patients Who Left Against Medical Advice: Medical Urban Legend?
Group B Strep –
Group B Strep and Pregnancy
Group B Strep: what you need to know
Group B Strep in Pregnancy: Evidence for Antibiotics and Alternatives
Vaginal chlorhexidine during labour to prevent early-onset neonatal group B streptococcal infection
Safety and Impact of Chlorhexidine Antisepsis Interventions for Improving Neonatal Health in Developing Countries
Vaginal/Cervical Exams –
Internal Exam In Pregnancy and Labour – Are They Necessary?
The purple line as a measure of labour progress: a longitudinal study
Dilation - How to Check Without Checking
Vaginal examinations: a symptom of a cervical-centric birth culture
Induction –
What is the Evidence for Induction for Low Amniotic Fluid in a Healthy Pregnancy?
Carrying Pregnancy to 39 Weeks: Is It Worth It? Yes!
“Choosing Wisely” in maternity care: ACOG and AAFP urge women to question elective deliveries
Uterotonic Agents Facts Sheet
What is the Evidence for Induction for Low Fluid at Term in a Healthy Pregnancy?
Mechanical methods for induction of labour
Big Babies/Macrosomia –
What is the Evidence for Induction or C-section for a Big Baby?
Accuracy of Prediction of Macrosomia: A Critical Appraisal
Ultrasound at Term Overestimates Macrosomia
Big Babies – The Curse of (mis) Diagnosing a Macrosomic Infant Part.1 & 2
Big Babies – Birthing a Macrosomic Infant – Part 2
Induction for Macrosomia? What is the data?
Cytotec –
Prescribing off-label: It’s gotten out of control
The Freedom to Birth—the Use of Cytotec to Induce Labor: A Non-Evidence-Based Intervention
FDA Warning on Cytotec
Searle’s Letter to Obstetricians
Cytotec Induction and Off-Label Use
Pitocin –
What is the Evidence for Pitocin Augmentation?
Intramuscular Versus Intravenous Oxytocin for Reducing Blood Loss after Vaginal Birth
Study Finds Adverse Effects of Pitocin in Newborns
Nitrous Oxide –
Laughing gas making a comeback for women giving birth
Epidural –
Weighing the Pros and Cons of the Epidural
Epidurals: Real Risks for Mother and Baby
Does Epidural Analgesia Increase Rate of Cesarean Section?
New Research: Direct Correlation Between Labor Pain Medications and Breastfeeding
Electronic Fetal Monitoring –
ACOG Practice Bulletin - Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring
Evidence-Based Fetal Monitoring
Test Leads to Needless C-Sections
External and Internal Heart Rate Monitoring of the Fetus
IUPC (Intrauterine Pressure Catheter) –
Internal vs. External Registration of Contractions During Induced or Augmented Labor
Intrauterine Pressure Catheter Placement
Fluid and food intake during labor –
Restricting oral fluid and food intake during labour
Oral Intake During Labor: A Review of the Evidence
Episiotomy –
Episiotomy – Is it Really Necessary?
What You Don’t Know About Episiotomies Can Hurt You
Doulas –
Community doulas can be big help for mother-baby relationships
Why Dads Dig Doulas
What is a Doula and Why are they so Beneficial?
Continuous support for women during childbirth
The Evidence for Doulas
Class 4 Links
Guess Dates –
Estimating the Estimated Due Date
Establishing Estimated Date of Birth (EDB)
Let the Baby Decide – The Case Against Inducing Labor
A Timely Birth
The Length of Uncomplicated Human Gestation
What to Expect After Your Due Date
ACOG/SMFM: Replace Phrase 'Term Pregnancy' With 4 Categories
How Birthing Time Begins –
Fetal Lungs Protein Release Triggers Labor
Nature’s Hormonal Blueprint for Birthing
Rupture of Membranes –
Management of Ruptured Membranes at Term
Antibiotics for PROM Near Term Have No Benefit
Arriving At Your Birth Place –
Does this Hospital Gown Help Me Feel Empowered?
Environment –
Do Not Disturb: The Importance of Privacy in Labor
Saying No to Unwanted Birth Support People
Dilation -
Dilation - How to Check Without Checking
The purple line as a measure of labour progress: a longitudinal study
Vaginal examinations: a symptom of a cervical-centric birth culture
Internal Exam In Pregnancy and Labour – Are They Necessary?
Positions –
Maternal positions and mobility during first stage labour
The 3 Principles in Labor
Laboring on the Loo … it Works
Better Birthing Through Alignment: Optimal Labor Positioning
Waterbirth –
Evidence on Water Birth Safety
Experience With Waterbirths: A Prospective Longitudinal Study of 9 Years With Almost 4,000 Waterbirths
Waterbirths: a comparative study. A prospective study on more than 2,000 waterbirths
Evidence on the Safety of Water Birth
Microbirth/Microbiome –
Could the way we give birth be changing us as a species?
Microbirth: Why 'Seeding Baby's Microbiome' Needs to Be on Every Birth Plan
Optimal Positioning –
Activities for Fetal Positioning – Abdominal Release
Activities for Fetal Positioning – Side Lying Release
Breech –
C-section not best option for breech birth
Turn Your Breech Baby


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