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Thanks to Heidi a mom from the Moms Forum for sharing her experience with us.

Hi all!

I'm Heidi from Idaho. Clint and I have been married for a dozen years and have two (plus another on the way) kids to show for it. Stinker is 4 and Goose is 10. I'm lucky to be able to stay home with the kids.

I am due right around Halloween (end of Oct) with a girl. Her brother was initially upset about this and argued with the midwife to check again! He's reconciled to his minority status now and tells "Baby Marianne" jokes most mornings. He wanted to name her Hiccup and still occasionally calls her this to see my reaction. Hm. Goose is super excited NOT to have another brother and is such a big help around the house. She is very into all the biology of pregnancy, but gets devastatingly embarrassed.

This is definitely not our first rodeo, but we have have so many changes to our "norm" that it sometimes feels like it. Both of the kids were hospital births with the pitocin/epidural combo pack. With Stinker, the epidural stopped working during transition and I was left alone. DH went to find …

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I started my RN and L&D career in NYC at a hospital that had a 99% epidural rate. It was a great place to learn as a RN since I saw every sort of complication imaginable but after 5 years I was burnt out.

Meanwhile I also had a baby (induction & epidural) and me and the hubbie were looking to make a lifestyle change. We moved out to Colorado and I started working at Boulder Community Hospital which actually supported natural birth!

They are soooooo different from any place I have worked.

    • Their epidural rate is only 50%!
    • They have midwives!
    • You can labor and birth anyway you want!

After participating in countless natural births it really reprogramed my way of thinking about birth completely. So when I got pregnant with my youngest …

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How is Hypnobabies different from other Childbirth Hypnosis programs?

We are asked many times what is the difference between Hypnobabies and other natural childbirth or birth hypnosis programs, and here we answer that question by telling you what we do well without disparaging any other particular group. Other natural childbirth courses have excellent programs and benefits that have helped many women have better, more relaxed births. We recognize that and celebrate them and what they do every day for birthing women!

In Hypnobabies, our objectives are to help our pregnant couples bond with their baby in utero, teach you how to stay healthy and low-risk and be an excellent consumer, trust in your body, mind and baby, as well as become self-reliant and confident about birthing your own way; unmedicated, safely and in comfort. We overcome negative belief systems and programming, get you in touch with your own beautiful pregnant body, support you through your own excellent birth experience and give you skills that you will use for the rest of your life. Birth Partners are brought into the preparation process and have their own hypnotic relaxation cues, as well as a special role to play as they await the birth of the precious newborn with our Hypno-mom. Since we use real medical hypnosis techniques, …

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Thanks to a mom from the Moms Forum for sharing her experience with us.  She was fast approaching 42 weeks and was worried a scheduled ultrasound may lead to an induction or cesarean.

Thanks Hypnobabies for another pleasant pregnancy moment. I was all freaked out the night before my ultrasound, imagining horrible csection scenarios. Then I realised what I was doing and decided to imagine only happy thoughts - positive "what ifs" (as suggested in the workbook). So I imagined a great u/s appointment and getting told only good things, and that is exactly what happened! The OB respected my wishes to barely use the u/s machine, he just zoomed in and out, got his measurements super quick, and was very happy and encouraging about it all and told me that if I wanted to go a bit longer that would not be a problem. Everything looked so good!

So I feel better now, and have time to recoup. DH and I are feeling empowered again, we just lost it somehow in there.  But thanks to the affirmations we recovered quickly. DH actually repeats back affirmations at me when we are discussing things, and he has only heard them second hand, as in when I am playing them cooking dinner! It is so cute, he had no interest in listening, but picked it up anyway!

Hypnobabies really is an empowering program, and it is really needed as so much do with the birth model is disempowering. The knowledge, the new way of thinking, all of that helps so much! I don't know how Hypnobabies will affect my birth yet, but oh my, it has made a tremendous difference to my pregnancy!

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I wanted to share my birth story....This is my third baby and my first time doing Hypnobabies...

On October 12th (after 2 days of doing maternity acupressure) I took 2 tablespoons of castrol oil in a sugar free chocolate shake.  I started having pressure waves an hour later which continued for 5 hours (absolutely no castrol oil side effects which was a relief- I only took a very small amount).

My pressure waves lasted no more then 45 seconds and were irregular but some coming every 3 minutes. I stayed relaxed through out each pressure wave. I called my Doula at that time just to let her know what was going on. I listened to my early first stage CD and fell asleep in my bed. I woke up very relaxed. At that time my pressure waves stopped. It was a very nice and relaxing day. My husband was with our two boys so there were no distractions.
Later that night after my sons were in bed I decided to take another small amount of castrol oil in a shake (2 tablespoons).  The pressure waves started an hour later...I walked around for most of them in center and said my peace cue word which worked help me relax.  About 1030 I went to the bathroom and discovered that I had some bloody show. I immediately called my Doula and then my midwife who advised me to come in since I was 45 minutes away.
From this point on (after calling my babysitter and my friend to come over so we could leave sooner) things went very fast …
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Hello, I’d like to take a minute to thank the Hypnobabies team for helping me have the best birth experience of my three children.

I live overseas in France and had to go through my first pregnancy without the help of my mom, sister or good friends. I was learning lots of pregnancy related vocabulary in French, trying to navigate through the medical system here, and in retrospect, I was like a little girl who did what everyone said without really thinking about what kind of birth I wanted to have. I had an epidural (after having been stuck 4 times with the needle) and my son was born early in the morning.

I never thought that the birth of my next child would be much different, but my water broke first and we arrived at the hospital to wait while the anesthesiologist was busy with an emergency c-section. I hadn’t taken any birthing classes since my first pregnancy and wasn’t mentally prepared to handle a natural birth. I panicked and didn’t know how to breath or focus. By they came for the epidural, I felt like my body was going to be ripped in half. They tried 16 times to put the needle in my spine before I told them to stop and examine me – my daughter basically came flying out as soon as I lied down on the table. I had less pain the next day than with my first birth, but the 16 holes in my back made me promise myself that for the next children, I would do things my own way.

When I found out I was pregnant last November, I decided that I wanted a natural, home birth. I called all the midwives in my area, but unfortunately in France, there are few midwives who agree to this because they are not insured for home births. I next looked into birthing clinics but they only exist in the larger metropolitan areas. The midwife that agreed to do my birthing classes gave me the alternative – have the baby at the hospital and leave the next day if both the baby and I were healthy. The midwives then do the check-ups at your home for the next 4 days. In order to really prepare for the birth, I started looking into more methods for a pain free birth that I could do at home. That’s when I stumbled on to the Hypnobabies website. …

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This was my first hypnobaby. My first two births were natural - one in bed, the second a water birth. Water broke with the first two as the start of labor and then 5-6hr labors which came on fast and strong.

This time I had been using my positive thoughts for several things:

    • That my water would remain intact
    • That I would go into labor after Wed night at 5pm when the midwife I wanted went on call
    • That I would remain calm
    • That I would birth in the morning when I was rested and fresh.

I had been having lots of braxton hicks my whole pregnancy and for the week prior to labor I had some significant contractions during the night, sometimes regular. I practiced my Hypnobabies finger drop technique and was amazed that it actually worked!  I would even giggle as I gave myself the "peace" cue and I actually felt good. … 

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Hi everyone!
I had the coolest experience with the Turn Your Breech track the other night and I had to share.
I'm now 23 weeks with the triplets and having brief weekly ultrasounds to check cervical length since a shortening cl (under 2.5cm) is one of the big indicators for preterm birth and indicates bedrest. The babies positions had been the same for quite some time, babies A & B (Reagan and Ryder) were vertex, with Reagan's head right on the cervix, Ryder off to the side. Baby C, Ruby, is above, transverse. We only need Baby A to be vertex for a vaginal birth.
At last week's u/s Baby A showed up breech! Its early still, but there's a totally different dynamic with 3 in there and they get set in their positions much earlier than a singleton so I was a little freaked out. Obviously ECV wouldn't be an option and even Webster and moxabustion have minimal positive results with multiples, especially the more babies there are (I'm a research freak so I looked into it immediately).
I was trying not to stress about it too much, but I could definitely feel her feet on my cervix all week, little leg movements, not big head movements like I had previously.
So I listened to the Turn Your Breech track the night before my next u/s because I knew I'd feel better if I could see her positioned head down again. Well, sure enough, the next morning I was feeling head movements again and the u/s showed her to be vertex, woohoo!

Morgan Cornwall, Hypnobabies Instructor in Idaho

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Hypnobabies gift to you:

Hypnobabies has a FREE "Relax Me" MP3 moms can download to see what hypnosis is really like. It is relaxing and fun, and allows you to experience deep relaxation and real hypnosis. With regular listening, you can allow yourself to relax instantly in any situation. Students are even using it to relax for finals and many moms choose to use our Hypnoobabies course after lisening to "Relax Me" and learning how powerful and effective hypnosis can be!
Here is where you can download your FREE "Relax Me" MP3!

*Hypnobabies "Relax Me" audio track is NEVER to be listened to while driving or doing something that requires your full attention such as operating machinery!*

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So, this pregnancy, instead of opting for an epidural, I've decided to try Hypnobabies. There are several reasons but the most important one is the lasting side effects I've had from my 3 epidurals, and my desire to prevent that from worsening. (I have scarring in the epidural space. The anesthesiologist was actually unable to give me an epidural in the standard place last time and had to go up quite a ways to not cause me excrutiating pain. I have throbbing pain at the sites of the scarring when I get a migraine.)

I've been doing the program (we're doing the Home Study course) for over a week now. Yes, just my second week! (It's a 6 week course.) Already, I have found so many benefits to it. I can't believe I never discovered this sooner.
I had pubis symphasis disfunction my last pregnancy. This time the aching pain in the hips and pelvis had started up, the hips popping every time I moved, etc. Within ONE NIGHT of listening to my Pregnancy Affirmations cd-- just one night! One listen!-- I woke up the next morning, heard my hips pop-- and felt no pain. Instead, I had the thought, "This is normal for the stage of pregnancy I am in. My body is preparing for my birthing time." …
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This is my 3rd birth and 2nd Hypnobabies birth.  I have hired a Hypno-Doula (Hypnobabies one) and I have already seen how having a doula is different. : )

My first birth was not a pleasant one and was completely hospital oriented with induction, pitocin and a failing epidural :).

My second birth was with a birthing center and midwives and with using the Hypnobabies. I have to say I was a bit naive when I went with midwives.  YES! :) they are wonderful but they are not doulas ;). Their primary concern is and should be the health of mother and baby but most midwives are new to actually believing a comfortable mother-led birthing can be possible. My midwives really didn't know what to think about Hypnobabies and were not at all able to add-to or interact with what me and my husband's vision for our birth was even though we tried to share our vision and answer their questions.  ;) They did honor and respect our wishes but were more 'hands off' than I was expecting and were not as 'comfort measure' oriented as I had read about and hoped for...every birthing center and midwife is different and has different areas of strengths.

With my third birthing experience I knew I wanted a doula but didn't think I could afford one. Me and my husband have sacrificed for what we both believe is the best for me and our son …

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Carole Thorpe, Hypno-Doula x 300+ Hypnobabies births, answers FAQs about working with Hypnobabies mothers and their Birth Partners.

I received these questions from a birth doula who recently became a new Hypno-Doula. They are typical questions, and I thought I'd share my answers to her about the differences between being a Hypno-Doula vs. traditional doula...

FAQs asked:

(1) How do you tailor your prenatals to help your birth hypnosis clients, especially if you are not an instructor or are assisting women who took other birth hypnosis classes?
(2) What selling points do you use with birth hypnosis clients? Do couples usually feel pretty self sufficient since they have so many tools? Do you support the birth partners more by helping the moms with cues?
(3) Since I've not attended a Hypno-birth, I'm curious to know how doulas monitor the mom's progress. If there is less/no pain/just pressure, do you pay more attention to how often she's having her pressure waves? Watching how they progress (length and time in between)?
(4) Do they still show some of the emotional signposts as they progress from early to active, then active labor to transformation?
(5) If you're laboring at home, and she's going to a birth center/hospital, how do you decide when it's time to go?

Carole's answers: … 

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Yes! Hypnobabies has "Turn Your Breech Baby…Yes, You Can!" available on CD or in MP3 for that!

Hypnosis is an excellent tool for turning a breech baby to vertex (head down), since the baby is registered by the inner mind as part of the mother!

Turn Your Breech Baby, YES You Can! is a deep hypnosis track that encourages you to relax the muscles and any constriction around your baby, and it contains effective hypnotic suggestions for turning baby to the vertex, (head down) position, if that is the safest way for baby to be positioned. Baby will let you know! Hypnosis is excellent for turning a breech, since the baby is registered by the inner mind as part of the mother!

A study was done at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, by Lewis E. Mehl, MD, PhD Dept. of Psychiatry, entitled "Hypnosis and Conversion of the Breech to the Vertex Presentation".

Results: 81% percent of the fetuses in the hypnosis/intervention group converted to vertex presentation compared with 48% of those in the comparison group. This difference was …

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I really enjoyed using Hypnobabies while I was pregnant (for better sleep, to help with any discomforts, to create confidence, etc.). My baby was born and now I miss listening to Hypnobabies. Does Hypnobabies have anything to offer  new mothers?

Yes we do!  Hypnobabies has some very useful and enjoyable hypnosis audio tracks for new families!

  • After Your Baby Comes CD or MP3 track - This wonderful hypnosis and relaxation track was created directly from the requests of many of our moms to have a way to relax and still use hypnosis and positive imagery after their baby came, so it contains deep relaxation, hypnotic deepening techniques, Special Place Imagery, suggestions for deep and peaceful sleep, personal growth as a parent, nurturing your mind and body in this new life, and a calm and confident mothering style.
  • Breastfeeding Success CD or MP3 track - This 25 minute hypnosis track has deep hypnotic suggestions, affirmations and visualizations for instant breastfeeding relaxation, easy letdown reflex, increasing milk supply, confidence when nursing in public and to create a cue word for use when experiencing nipple soreness, "after pains" of the uterus, or Cesarean incision discomfort. Our Breastfeeding Success track was designed to create a positive breastfeeding relationship for mother and baby.
  • Peaceful Sleep Now For ALL CD or MP3 track - Our most popular hypnosis session, Peaceful Sleep Now is a wonderfully relaxing track that teaches you to use deep hypnosis with the most gentle, progressive relaxation techniques, to guide anyone experiencing insomnia into a deep, restful sleep, and reprograms your inner mind to use a specific cue every night to easily fall asleep, get back to sleep if awakened, sleep deeply and well, and wake up refreshed. Very effective for all. Listening to your …
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A woman on an online mom's forum was struggling to keep her confidence up as her birth drew closer. She was planning her second VBAC, and first unmedicated birth using Hypnobabies. She kept talking about all the possible problems and reasons she should agree to an induction or "just go for the drugs" or even to elect for a repeat c-section. She was fighting off her OB's induction suggestions (for a VBAC?!), despite being 5 cm dilated at 38 weeks, and 7 cm dilated at her 39 week appointment! Some of us encouraged her to think about more positive "What ifs?", and she later posted this, which I thought deserved to be shared …

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A Hypnobabies mother writes about a woman's choice to have a natural birth, and how she can best achieve her goal in her blog post, "Unmedicated Childbirth -- Is it for You?". Click the title/link to read her full post.

Here's an excerpt.

"Everyone's childbirth experience is so different, and there are many cases when even though the mother has planned out her ideal chilbirth scenario, things go unexpectedly and they have to adjust their plan or completely throw it out the window. But for those of you who are serious about going unmedicated, here are some things I recommend. Most of these tips would be great for any kind of birth you choose. 

Commit to your decision as early as possible. 
Even as a teenager, I always thought "natural" childbirth was intriguing. When I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to go that route, but once I started really looking into it I realized it was no walk in the park and that for me to be able to mentally and physically handle it, I would need to commit to that decision 100 percent from the start so I could be prepared. I didn't commit right away, because I knew once I did, I wasn't going to retreat. I needed time to decide if I was up to the task and if it would be worth it. After a lot of thinking, praying, reading and talking to people who  had experienced childbirth with and without epidurals, I decided to commit. There were definitely still times when I questioned myself and got scared, but as I tried to stay confident and positive, I felt excited for the challenge."

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This was shared with Hypnobabies by Tanya, who used Hypnobabies for her 2 births ~

Think your Hypnobabies tools are only useful for your birth? Think again. After having 2 beautiful and pain free births using Hypnobabies, I've learned to use the techniques in other areas of my life, including meditation, stressful situations, neck/back aches, etc.. Last weekend I had the opportunity to use them again at my dermatologist's office.I had a suspicious looking mole on my hip and the doctor told me she needed to biopsy it.

The nurse came in and started filling a needle with a local pain medication. I stopped her and asked if that was safe for a nursing mother. She said I wouldn't be able to nurse for 12 hours. My 9 month old nurses about every 2 hours so I told her that wouldn't work and that I'd just have the procedure without the pain medication.The nurse chuckled and said "oh no, we'd never do that, it'd hurt too much". I assured her I'd had 2 children with no pain meds and …

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I'm preparing for Hypno-BABY #2 and I'm re-reading and re-listening to everything, and it seems like nearly every day I hear something or read something that I don't remember from the first time and that was a scant 10 months ago.

So as you go into maintenance, I urge you to re-read your materials and listen to each script in an alert setting with 'fresh ears' and an open mind.

For example, I recently realized that many of the scripts talk about pressure AND stretching sensations, I have no memory of the stretching part. Looking back I realize that what I classified as discomfort was in fact the stretching way down low near my cervix. It didn't really hurt, but felt like …

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Greetings to our Doula friends!

At Hypnobabies, we recommend doulas to all our Hypno-Moms because we serve women with the same love and dedication that you do, by respecting their individual needs and desires for birthing. We are on a mission to help the mothers who have chosen natural childbirth to have the best and safest birth experience possible, so we would like to let you know more about our comprehensive hypnosis for childbirth education program:

What Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis IS:

  • A complete childbirth education program including all aspects of labor and delivery, nutrition, exercise, comfort in pregnancy, staying healthy and low risk, avoiding back labor, birth empowerment, optimum fetal positioning and much more.

  • A complete childbirth hypnosis program which includes pregnancy and birthing affirmations, birth visualizations, many different relaxation techniques and cues, and medical hypno-anesthesia, which greatly lessens and can even eliminate severe labor pain for the majority of women. This allows natural childbirth to be the loving, positive, empowering experience that it can be, with the most joy.

What the Hypnobabies childbirth preparation program DOES: …

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Because of some pretty major intestinal problems, I had to have a colonoscopy done and some bleeding in my large intestine cauterized on Monday.  Generally, these procedures are done with substantial sedation and pain medication, but I'm 26 weeks pregnant and didn't want to put those drugs into my baby.

So... against medical advice, I had the procedure done without medication. They let me listen to my Hypnobabies track (I picked "special place") for 30 minutes prior, and keep my iPod on during the procedure. … 

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